Logitech G7 Revolutions… the circle is complete.

Yes i had to make the bad title joke…

From my first post about the logitech G7 to the RMA post , and now this post which i shall pretty much regard as a postmortem for the G7 series.

well as i wrote in the last post about the mouse that i was happy about receiving a replacement for the mouse. Not so much anymore…. the mouse has decided to the way of the dinosaurs. Already not even a full month into having the new mouse its already showing symptoms of double clicking. it seems to be a common problem and is really getting Extremely annoying.

Googling “logitech g7 double clicking” will get you many threads regarding this issue.

My comment about going the way of the dinosaurs is a bit strange sounding, but if you go into most big box stores you will not find the logitech g7 , Or you will find it being clearanced out. So at this point i think i am going to let off one last email about this mouse to logitech and just let them have it.

I’ve pretty much followed logitech products after microsofts products kept shrinking there keyboards and have been happy until this point. but really.. I’d love to have a mouse that works, not a mouse that errantly double clicks every time i try to single click something. It just creates a hell of a mess when you’re trying to work with something that needs accuracy.

So at this point I am going to leave this post as an open ended deal… if logitech makes good on getting this mouse fixed or at least gives me something WORKING i’d be happy … but as far as this mouse, it gets a rating from 1 to 10 a negative 1

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