Of Mice and a Mouse

I got sick of the problems of my old mouse the Logitech Mx1000, after 2 years use any time i left clicked it would randomly acts as if i double clicked and It would get annoying as hell because depending on the game . that would be the act that got you killed or some other act that would end up screwing up your game because a key piece of dialog got passed, because it got skipped.

The MX1000 is a great mouse but its time to retire that and get something new.
so I bought the Logitech g7, out of the box the mouse feels Alot different from the mx1000. two things . 1 the mouse is extremely light compaired to the mx. the G7 is also extremely more sensitive. as I mess with this mouse more i will update.

Update# After a nights use of this mouse Its Extremely sensitive as for a mouse as for the settings you can change on the fly you can change it for speedy turns and without going into option menus You can turn it down to be a very precise tool. after hunting a few hours in lineage 2 i found that hunting with the setting of 800 to 1200 DPI is good when your hunting out a Pit in the game. i have yet to try this mouse in a First Person Shooter but………. I have a feeling that this mouse will make a Huge difference in FPS because you can feather the sensitivity and basicly become a rediculous sniping tool. As for other uses i see for this mouse such as photoshop but Defienatly this mouse is a good thing
new mouse.

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