Logitech G7 reloaded… ftw

looking back I first posted about the logitech G7 mouse in one of the very first posts to this site.

Ever since logitech came out with its first ergonomic keyboards I jumped ship from microsofts Ergo keyboards because they kept shrinking the keys. back in 1997 i had the mouseman pro, ever since than i’ve kinda stuck with logitech.

Well since the MX1000 i’ve had a small problem that crops up after while of using the mouse which the left click decides to start failing, if you read the original post you can see that a left click acts like a double click no matter how tactful you are with the mouse. after getting fully annoyed at the G7 i purchased another one at Circuit City and started to use that one. same problem cropped up . so getting a little sick of going through mice so fast i finally decided to talk to logitech about it.

Finding the receipt for one mouse came about quickly but as for the second mouse , that is more of an issue , so logitech so far has replaced one G7 with short notice and thankfully quickly. because the temp mouse i had was starting to make me go blind. It has a Blue LED you could use to grow plants with.

After searching this page i came up with the date i had bought my original G7 , i dont know if that will help with the RMA , maybe it will maybe it wont

we shall see….

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