SD Wifi to Compact flash fun. Compact flash Adapter fix.

I bought a Wifi SD card for my Digital Camera.

I jumped at getting a slightly newer camera, while it takes compact flash I thought about finding something like an EYE-FI card or Flashair. small problem, you’d think something like that would be a higher market value to someone with an SLR camera. But, after looking around I found all the cards with WiFi are only SD.    with with the amount of tablets and phones I have. I figured why spend a ton of money on a huge Compact flash card.  So after a bit of looking around I purchased a toshiba flashair card. the next step was to purchase an adapter from SD to compact flash .  the WIFI SD/SDHC/SDXC To Compact Flash CF Type II Memory Card Adapter I bought was a generic card but, while I was not sure going into this because there was very many mixed reviews on using an adapter with a compact flash.

While the card with the Wifi SD card worked ok the range was severely limited, it was limited to about 3 feet at best. After looking at the card for a bit I noticed that there is a big metal face to the CF adapter.  I did a little surgery to the card itself.


As you can see the two cards side by side.. Taking the CF adapter apart was actually very easy, using a razor I dug a bit under the metal face and popped it up a bit, After that It was very easy to remove the metal faceplate.


As you can see the metal piece is pretty much decoration and has no structural value .  when I place the SD card back in a lot more of the card was exposed.  the final look of the card was a bit more open.


With the removal with the face place my range on the FlashAir card did not only double it went up by a factor of ten. I could keep connected to the card from across the house with a max range of 40feet or so.

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