Phone fun Reloaded (I know kung-fu) edition

Well, That wasn’t long for another phone fun.

As you last saw I had my hands on LG’s google Nexus 5 , By my standard of phones and all of the dealings i’ve had with phones over the years. Hands down the Nexus 5 was the least problematic of all my phones aside from one minor issue that was solved..

My only complaints about the nexus 5 are pretty much minor. One handed operation was extremely touchy and I am not exactly sure why it was. In form and function the phone worked will a well oiled machine, it did everything I wanted and then some.

But.. for now I am switching phones to a larger phone. The Galaxy note 3. This phone is big, really fuckning big . to the point where the phone may have its own gravitational pull and may affect the world around it. As far as size it goes up with the sizing of a large aircraft carrier.  The specifications on the phone are on  par with the nexus 5 Hardware wise the phones are near the same , the major difference is screen size. Both phones have nearly the same hardware under the hood with exception to screen size and cameras, other than that the biggest difference is the UI , The nexus has the standard google experience while the Note has a very annoying touchwiz interface which I’m sure is fine for entry users. Touchwiz needlessly complicates menus while trying to simplify them which does not work.


Since this phone is only a few days old I am going to see how the rest of this month goes as far as this phone is concerned.

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