MovieStop is just strange…

I decided to pick up the new rambo movie at MovieStop, when i was looking through the DVD’s i noticed that there was Rambo for $19.99 and Rambo: The Complete Set Collectors edition at $39.99, So 4 movies was the better deal.

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The next day at Target Stores I saw the same movie set for $10 less than the set i just picked up. So I figured i’d be able to get a Price match at least for the DVD set. I went back to MovieStop and Inquired about price matching, It got strange from there.

The apparent Manager was training a new guy so I had to wait a bit, No trouble there but after he came to help me is when it when far downhill, First i ask if they do price matches that i had seen the movie elsewhere for $29.99, he replies did you pre-order a movie. I said no and I had bought the movie almost a day ago. he says well i if I pre-ordered the movie they would of price matched the set and would of received the set for 28.00. At this point logic stuck me… there is no way that this could occur without a time machine since prices are not a static thing. He continued .. than said – “would you like to trade this movie in and get another one?”. this right here blew my mind… what the hell kind of sales tactic is that?! You wont price match it but you will price match it if i trade it in , what the fuck? So feeling this was going nowhere fast I walked over to Gamestop, Repeated the whole event to the GameStop manager and He explained the connection of the two companies. which I already knew.. its kind of blatantly obvious

As you can see the logo’s are virtually the same. also a google search leads you to this page. But even the Gamestop Manager was completely confused by the policy that was told to me by MovieStop, He said “I’ve never heard of thing in my life and its not even possible to do. Which is essentially correct. In order to receive a price match you’d need a time machine. Since you can’t just purchase a DVD and have it price matched, You’d need to have go back in time , pre-order the DVD than go forward in time to get the price match. I could think of better fucking things to do with a time machine.

About to leave, while finishing my coffee and smoke, I look over at the window and notice something. I point it out to my friend roger. On a large sign taking about 1/4 to 1/3 of the window space yellowed background sign with large letters GUARANTEED LOWEST ADVERTISED PRICES! Roger grabs the bag and goes inside and points out the sign, to which Mr Manager says theres and asterisk on the sign. (wish i had a camera for this) We both check the sign up and down and notice that there is not any asterisk or anything denoting that theres any rules or extra policy to this, so we walked to the car and I just said i’d just email someone at gamestop and see if i’d get any response out of them because how extremely aggravating and stupid this whole thing was.

I’ve emailed gamestop and Have received a reply. I actually have to call them back. but at this point we will see where this goes. So Far the response is favorable but ill see where this goes today.

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