Lets see where this goes… Logitech this is in your hands now. Part I

I’ve always loved logitechs mice and keyboards , I would recommend them to anyone in the past … but now since having multiple hardware failures with the G7 double clicking when your just trying to single click. my confidence has been shaken. Hopefully I wont have to jump through 87 hoops to get this replace but this is chapter one in firing emails off to logitech. I just want a damn mouse that works without being fucking possessed to completely screw up at anything its doing.

heres the first mail fired off


Im in regards to the Logitech G7 cordless mouse, within a month of using this new mouse – this mouse has exhibiting the same problem as the previous mouse. this is 3 g7s i’ve gone through all together. as someone who hass bought from the logitech company since the 90s starting with the logitech mouseman pro, but going through 3 G7’s and 1 MX1000 all with the same issue is starting to get ridiculous, going through 4 mice in less than 3 years with exactly the same problem. i’ve purchased quite a lot of
logitech products and this is getting silly

i’ve owned
logitech mouseman pro
logitech mx 550
logitech cordless comfort pro
cordless Comfort laser
3 logitech G7’s (2 purchased, 1 RMA’d)
Logitech MX1000

I’ve supported logitech as a keyboard/mouse maker for years , and at this point i do not know where to turn at this point. but to have the last 4 mice do the same thing with a double click problem is really starting to bother me and shake my confidence in logitech.

If you could please help with this problem let me know

Michael Barker

Made it short and pointed.. hopefully i will not have too much trouble getting some sort of replacement.

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