Swedish Cooking has been brought to you by this local Station and salmon fisheries around the world

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Happy thanksgiving

well today is thanksgiving and Peter, Anna and Andreas have travelled back to Sweden on Monday, the Morning after they left i woke up sort of confused as to what to do rather than having something to do. The time they have spent here i had alot of fun, From our trip to New York , Boston than Lincoln. Also I cant forget Donny

One of the weirder things i did while on this trip was pay attention to what coffee was around, generally in boston it was carpet bombed with dunkin donuts and Starbucks. but there was a silver lining to the coffee side of things if you are in boston. Honey Dew Donuts DOES EXIST there, on the morning we went to salem, at the South station i spotted Honey dew donuts and thought i died. After 2 days of dunkin donuts seeing a honey dew was like finding a diamond.  Dunkin donuts has Literally clusterfucked boston with shops.

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Sweden is here!(forgot to post this from draft)

Peter , anna and peters brother finally arrived. Ill be staying in boston showing them around.

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So it begins – the coffee wars…

Bouncing around websites when im tired sometimes i just get the What the hell reaction to looking at something…

every now and than i check news sites for anything going on with coffee (hey i am the coffeecommander so gotta check these things), so i see this.

Coffee wars heat up, with McDonalds taking a surprise lead

I had to reread that one.. Just a complete What the hell? so Interested I took the bait and clicked ..


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Dunkin Donuts spreading coffee around the world… scary thought.

Apparently dunkin donuts is going to china, they plan on opening 100 shops in Shanghai. I used to like Dunkin a very long time ago, until they business formula change and they pretty much just hired robot tending zombies and could not get a coffee right to save there lives. Many nights of getting coffees from Dunkin Donuts that just have gone wrong with coffee that you could either run in terror from or made so wrong that carrot top looks normal. they have gone the way of mcdonalds, Serving warmed shit(although mcdonalds gets an exception- you need to goto Sweden to actually get a burger that is edible compared to its US counterpart). Mostly my friends and I goto honey dew donuts, there you get people who know what you want before asking rather than the blank look you’d get going into a DD. So who knows.. MAYBE just maybe good coffee is out of the country but the judge is out on this one.

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US Airways

4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd
Phoenix, AZ 85034

(866) 523-5333
(480) 693-6775
Central baggage resolution (for bags missing more than 5 days) (866) 874-3931

How to get through to an operator
Press 4 and 1


This isn’t the same US Airways you might remember from a few years ago. You know, the one that was in and out of bankruptcy, with chronic customer service complaints. The new US Airways is essentially America West (it merged with US Airways in 2005) flying under the US Airways name. When it comes to customer service, you are left with the impression that it is trying hard to shed its old, “couldn’t-care-less” image that US Airways worked years to develop. How is it working? Only time will tell.

If you have a customer complaint, please read this before contacting the company.

Customer service resources

Contract of carriage
Customer service main page
Email form

Primary e-mail


(Note: Some readers have found that their requests are expedited by emailing the executive office at executive.office@usairways.com — however, I advise that you try the customer care address first.)

Primary contact

Henrí Dawes
Director, customer relations
4000 E. Sky Harbor Boulevard
Phoenix, AZ 85034
(866) 523-5333

Secondary contact (*)

Anthony Mulé
Senior vice president, customer service
(480) 693-6775

Chief executive (*)

Doug Parker
Chairman, president and chief executive officer
(480) 693-6775

Well now..

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Finally, in sweden after 3 days in French hell… A multi country epic tale

Well now, I am here in Sweden.

I am enjoying myself now, But to get here.. thats a totally different story …

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3 days in French hell… A multi country epic tale (part 2)

International airspace somewhere in the atlantic 9:00am

Finally on a moving plane , flying somewhere over the atlantic .
so far for those keeping track .

Delay times

  1. 1.5 – 2 hours – Logan Airport
  2. 5 hours – broken plane out of gate – philidelphia airport inside of plane
  3. 45minutes – 1 hour – attempt #2 at taking off philidelphia airport illegal flight crew.
  4. 5 hours – inside gate 22(?) at airport finding new crew .

Total delays to this point:
12hours 15mins (min)
13 hours 0 mins (max)


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3 days in French hell… A multi-country epic tale (part 3)

Paris International Airport – 12:20am

Heading back to the hotel no food, no place to stay , i head to where the US airways desk will open up in 8 hours, and just sit there, nothing i can do , at this point anger is over me. panic is over me. nothing i can do .

Total Delay so far – 18 hours
Total time spent awake – 47 hours
Amount of Euros on my person – 105€
Amount of Euros able to be spent – 0€
Tempature on day 1 – 93f
Tempature on day 2 – 91f
Tempature on day 3 – 85f high humidity


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And .. off I go, got all my shit together. I hope .

Off i go to the airport. next stop. sweden. well actaully philly but

close enough

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