Happy thanksgiving

well today is thanksgiving and Peter, Anna and Andreas have travelled back to Sweden on Monday, the Morning after they left i woke up sort of confused as to what to do rather than having something to do. The time they have spent here i had alot of fun, From our trip to New York , Boston than Lincoln. Also I cant forget Donny

One of the weirder things i did while on this trip was pay attention to what coffee was around, generally in boston it was carpet bombed with dunkin donuts and Starbucks. but there was a silver lining to the coffee side of things if you are in boston. Honey Dew Donuts DOES EXIST there, on the morning we went to salem, at the South station i spotted Honey dew donuts and thought i died. After 2 days of dunkin donuts seeing a honey dew was like finding a diamond.  Dunkin donuts has Literally clusterfucked boston with shops.

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Back from California

Back from California, the wedding was a blast, it was a crazy week overall. I’ve seen more of californias roads than Ill see in my next lifetime but all in all it was fun. the first day was just getting settled and just seeing around. we ate at a burger place that was interesting, basically you get a list and pick out what you want on the burger , well me not sure about anything I followed the lead of keith and ordered the 2/3 pound burger not knowing what to expect. Little did i relize it was his first time ordering from there as well so we both got surprized by this monsterous burger.  Its a good thing 1 pound burger was not ordered.


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In California

made it to california with no problems, the flights were relitively uneventful other than a bit of turbulance.

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Off to California !

Well as of today I am off to california, I do not know what to expect but it should be fun . Ill update this as the days i am there . Since i’ce been up all night i ended up getting one of those coffees that could Jumpstart a nuclear reactor. Ill sleep on the plane =p . Anyways i could use a break from the 10+ inches of rain we have had in the last 2 weeks here.

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Next, off to Denmark and Germany , so no post for a bit .

Tomorrow i’ll will be heading to denmark than germany . everything is very interesting . posted a few pics

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