The banking crisis and how it seems to stand now.

Well right now with banks shuting down because of bank runs , Subprime Mortgages, and Idoits running the whole thing we are currently in an economic clusterfuck. Indy Mac and Fanny mae just got Picked up by the FDIC. I’ve been passively watching other banks and noticed that wacovia bank has lost over 72% of its value in the last 9 months.  My bank which i have a savings account through Has lost over 63% of its value in the same time.

It bothers me that you turn on the news and the financial news says “Everythings great! the housing market is up .5% , when year to date its actually down ALOT! If you go to sites that are out of the US basically you get the message of Hold on to your ass cuz your going for ride

The US needs to stop trying to save the banks and try to save the people. As far as i see it they have been screwing off and making inflation go batshit.

Every time we bail out a bank we are just setting up for a higher fall, every time the Interest rate is cut we are getting higher up. We are going to be up shits creek if we keep on saving banks. Unfortunatly at this time we keep doing this we if a major closure happens that we cant control , we are just going to go into freefall from all the propping up of the econimy , Its better off to slowly Fix the issues at hand , irony has it when i was a kid there was a cartoon that perfectly made sense of inflation . Its like a balloon, for every time you cause inflation the balloon inflates. cause too much inflation and it burst. we need to figure out how to slowly deflate the econimy and defuse the banking crisis. which Rather than gov bail out . they should fix it for themselves.

Sure jobs will be lost, but in the end by not keep bailing them out the landing will not be like jumping off a skyscraper

but overall the banks are to blame on this one. they are the ones that went out and offered dirtcheap mortgages that were effectively poisoned from the start. the ARM… will literaly cost you an arm and leg.

The US gov wants to give money to the banks. Why not do the more sound thing.. give the money to the people to save there houses, or at least give them an option to get out free if they can not prove a sound economic stance.  Its really bad that people loose there houses and yet the banks profit by getting huge bail outs.

Times are tough… even myself i’ve cut down on coffee =p

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GTA Moronity.

Sheesh Im sick of the news lately about video games.. there newest plug is going after Grand theft auto 4, No i haven’t played this one yet. but what the hell, you have all these idiots on TV saying that GTA is going to make you… Kill people , beat up prostitutes, Drive drunk, Eat your parents , microwave your cat than serve it for lunch, brew Decaf at your office and watch everyone suffer.

The News has coined the term that GTA is a “cop killing simulator” That kids are playing the game to train to kill people.. bullshit. Last time i looked at a gun it did not have an Xbox/PS3/Wii Attachment to the barrel of the gun. Nor does the game FORCE you to kill people.

The news has been using the tag line of “GTA Morality” all week, the thing is its more like Moronity, 9 times out of 10 these news casters have not played these games. But saying a game is making kids go bezerk and killing a bunch of people is the furthest from the truth .. if you have watched most incidents that have *happened* surrounding some sort of video game, 9999 times out of 10000 the person who Killed people or has done something extremely stupid has some serious preexisting problems. Not only that the responsibility of the gamer and gamers parents should be called into question. Letting your kid play GTA 16 hours a day … THATS NOT NORMAL. basically thats waking up Playing GTA till you goto bed.. yeah something is fucked up right there.

Parents should often evaluate the title before handing it off to kids. Rather than letting your little snowflake buy what ever game s/he pleases, Start in one place.. Look at the bottem right or left corner of the box… right there is a small little sign of what the game contains.

That right there kids is in indication of what exactly your walking into. Its No harder than movie ratings and is actually simpler than TV ratings.

Heres a look at the TV ratings and why there nothing but a clusterfuck

Sure there are 7 ratings but it actually gets a fair bit more complicated. After those ratings you normally see something like “TV-14 AVS” because with the TV ratings it goes way beyond the 7 initial ratings. there are also 12 more subratings.

  • V for moderate violence
  • S for mild sexual situations
  • L for mild coarse language
  • D for suggestive themes
  • V for intense violence
  • S for moderate sexual situations
  • L for coarse language
  • D for highly suggestive dialogue
  • V for extreme gory violence
  • S for pornography/extreme explicit sexual nature
  • L for strong coarse language
  • D was used for TV-M until it was changed to TV-MA in 1998; although was used on of Tripping the Rift

Video games have become the hot topic of the media for one reason, it gets the pressure off them and they can produce all the crazy shit they want while looking like the innocent ones. they need to hold that bus up, because if anything the media has caused more shit than anything. As much as i would hate bring this up. The VT shootings, That guy was tapped, and I saw this one comming a mile away, the cho or whatever his name sent a video to the Media networks. by playing the video, they validated that idiots point.

Every time someone shoots someone , the media is there to suck it up and make it into news. sensationalize the fuck out of it and inject it into your brain till you vomit the Fox/NBC/ABC logo out. Its highly hypocritical of the media to go after games when they have the exact same shit on tv..

Lets look at tonights listings why dont we….

CSI: Miami – Crazy person kills people and they go looking for him .
Medium – person Kidnaps blah blah..
48 Hours Mystery – Murders and shooting.
DEA – Drugs Murdering and shooting.

geez all that is on and it generally shows how they murdered people who did and what tools and normally if you watch the news long enough, you will find the occasional footnote that some stupid ass tried to use something they learned on CSI etc to do a crime.

Hitting the A,B,X,Y Triangle Square Whatever the button is doesn’t represent the act of what your doing, and if you are taking games seriously as they are being labeled, You should stop being a hypocrite and also take concern of your TV , movies and music.

Seriously these newscasters need to stop just making shit up and actually play the game through before even making one report about this. Rather than jump on the fearmongering bandwagon and make up stuff like people training themselves to drive drunk on GTA quote from

Savannah, Georgia TV station WSAV-3 reports that the Traffic Commander of the Savannah-Chatham Police Department is also concerned. Lt. Scott Simpkins told WSAV:

How many people are going to go ‘hey if I can master this, I can go out and instead of having a glass of wine or a beer with dinner, I can have 2 or 3 because I’ve been training how to drive intoxicated’? So these are the things that I have to worry about when stuff like this hits the market.

Whens the last time you drove to the store with an Xbox controller..? I thought so.. that does NOT translate to even making sense here. this comment alone is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. its like saying “HEY LETS GO HAMMER A FEW DOWN AND *TRAIN* TO DRIVE DRUNK!”.

They say that the Ratings are broken for Games.. Try watching some DVD’s .. watch any police academy , Airplane.. Countless other movies that swear up a storm and what rating do they have? PG , yes only PG.

what it basically comes down to.. is if you can not tell reality from game.. you shouldn’t be playing games. end of story .

How many kids ended up injured from watching power rangers because no one ever explained to them about violence and used the TV as a baby sitter? why doesnt the media go after that crap? Likely they have kids and if they take away the power rangers they actually have interact with there little snowflakes.

So before you blame some video game because your kids fed the cat to the angry pigeon that lives on your roof, Evaluate all things they do rather than scapegoat it because random newscaster said so.

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Media… Completely fascinated with bored people .. and there wii’s

I find the media often gets fascinated with some pretty weird shit at times, weither its the next missing garden gnomes, or some star taking a dump… the media is there normally to smell it. Lately with the media getting involved with console gaming, they have been attacking it as the next WMD, to the Media it is something that beats your wife , kills your pets and makes your children into cannibals. When the media is bored i find thats when there at there most dangerous to themselves and others around them. So just doing my normal thing of looking at , an article caught my eye and I clicked. the Title of it was “Growing a wii bit bored” from the Calgary Herald. but the dumbfuckery of this one gets to me. its a long write by me but I’ll take a stab at his stab.

read on for my silly take to this article of playing with numbers and attention whoring at its best from the calgary heralds department of pulling numbers outta there ass.

It starts

In an interview with gaming publication, the president of Epic Games, which produces the incredible Gears of War for the Xbox 360, dumped on Nintendo’s Wii, dismissing the system that has sold 20 million units as a fad that will soon wane, and saying his company won’t ever be releasing games on it.

“The first time I played a videogame with my parents was on Atari 2600,” says Mike Capps. “The next time I played a videogame with my parents . . . was Wii Tennis. So it’s about bringing people together, families, Thanksgiving, all that. I think it’s kind of like a weird virus because I have not yet found a reason to play with my Wii since then.

“It’s a virus where you buy it and you play it with your friends and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, that’s so cool, I’m gonna go buy it. So you stop playing it after two months, but they buy it and they stop playing it after two months but they’ve showed it to someone else who then goes out and buys it and so on.

theres so many things wrong with this I don’t even know where to begin. To Immediately just start dumping on something means your pissed off for one reason or another rather than taking a neutral bias to what your writing about. Also bringing the Asshat from epic in on the first line from and interview just starts this article all wrong.. I’m allowed to have bias here… gears of war? I couldn’t care any less for the game. I mean just how many times can you rehash unreal tournament. The comment alone is shortsighted, The reason people get the Wii is it is FUN…

As far the wii being a virus, i think not , Nintendo has realized that power is not everything. Generally i have one rule with gaming, the more eyecandy generally the shittier the game is for fun and replayability. I Do not play a game for eye-candy , I learned that lesson once too many that general focus on graphics tend to kill games, Or make the game so short its not worth it. Balancing graphics and gameplay is the key, people still play D&D… now theres some heavy fricken graphics for ya .. This guy is full of it .. by the looks of it this guy never played anything past Wii Sports. Continuing…


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