I’ve quit smoking(cigarettes)* (part 2)

I’ve been smoking on and off my entire life and its a crutch that is hard to get away from .  When I first discovered E-cigarettes I found them to be a strange yet different but the same as smoking .  The first E-cigarette I has was shaped like a conventional cigarette. While its compact they do have a bit of a drawback , You have to buy cartridges that are getting up there in price. When I bought those they used to be about 4 to 6 dollars per pack of 5 cartridges, Not so much anymore.  Since Reynolds purchased the Blu the prices of carts have gone higher than $14 a pack which is fucking crazy , A few years back I got my hands on a different type E-cigarette. Since the innovations of e-cigarettes have improved there is one silly yet fun side effect to the better e-cigarettes. They tend to make you look like jedi’s with light sabers.

Innokin-SVDThese aren’t the cigarettes you’re looking for…
Light-Saber-Handle-psd61388  “This was the formal weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. More skill than simple sight was required for its use. An elegant weapon. It was a symbol as well. Anyone can use a blaster or a fusioncutter—but to use a lightsaber well was a mark of someone a cut above the ordinary.”
―Obi-Wan Kenobi

On the off chance lightsabers become a real thing , you could make some horrid mistake if you grabbed the wrong one.  The larger e-cigarettes though have many advantages, namely you do not have to deal with the cartridges. if you’re out and about with the smaller e-cig and your cart goes dry and you do have another on hand , its going to cost 15$ ,  while with the larger type you can carry a small vial or fluid to refill your E-cig at will. Also you have a much larger battery to your advantage, if you small e-cig goes dead you are stuck, with the newer ones you can just replace the battery with another one, while they are not standard batteries they do pack a punch and will last you most of the day if not more.

Another interesting area with e-cigarettes is where you can “smoke” them… You can go to a lot of places and just bust the thing out and vape away.  The rules around them are variable based on where you are. I’ve been in the middle of a  bowling alley and vaping away when the manager saw me and came over asking if i  was smoking a cigarette .  When he saw me smoking an E-cigarette he said those are OK to have inside.  Other times with the E-cig it comes down to personal preferences as far if you vape or not.

Though…. There is a stigma to E-cigarettes that both sides need to pay attention too.  From the Non-smoker end you have the jackasses , the ones that immediately start hacking a lung 40 feet away from you because they think they see “smoke” . I’ve had some jack assed people start fake coughing because I was “smoking” and it “Stunk” which Instantly made me reply to them. Yes I will be courteous to people who ask nicely but when you put on a show just to control the person around you without knowledge of what something is , Don’t go full fucktard and start running a drama display.  I’ve had to ask someone when they complained that my “cigarette” stinks “So the smell of watermelon is offensive , is cowshit appealing to you?”  Most times with e-cigarettes the sky is the limit to flavors , When you start you will stick to flavors that taste like a marlboro to you , but further down the line you will be into what ever flavors you fancy at the time and most are appealing to even a nonsmoker and do not leave horrendous smells after.   A lot of businesses are putting e-cigarette vapers with smokers, and that point while they both deliver nicotine, the smokers group is alot more stinky .

From the E-cig vapers end they are also causing some issues. if your in a non-smoking establishment and you just vaping clouds and clouds of vapor , you tend to get smokers a bit upset , but not on the surface they are wanting to smoking.  When you watch people the smoke and your vaping , You can see them wanting to light up and not to which they tend to get a little itchy over.   For me , I tend to ask if i can vape in an establishment before I just bust out the E-cig, It makes it better for all.  Other places you just want to avoid altogether vaping. Most airlines have banned the practice for a few reasons. e-liquid can contain materials that can cause allergic reactions (depending on the flavors you can run across many allergy groups). I myself have found myself in a situation accidentally.

Going back to smokers and non-smokers there is another unfortunate area to cover. Bad knowledge. Every now and than you will hear someone shout up and down that E-cigarettes are worse than regular cigarettes . these are the people that make me want to puke fire at them.  They hear some random thing on some news source and run with it . One of my favorites is “You should not be smoking that you are smoking anti-freeze.” This came out a few years back and ended up widely debunked but to a small degree true.  The problem is while part of the fact is true most it is not. Spouting out this “fact” makes you look more like an ass than trying to be knowledgeable. While Propylene Glycol (PG) Can be considered an Antifreeze, so can a bottle of rum because both have a lower freezing point than water. Also Propylene Glycol is in a lot of everyday products that the average joe does not recognize and will spout that fact any time they can just to villainize the person vaping.  In any case you can just ask the person if they have had any Cosmetics, Soaps, Toothpastes, Cleansers, Body washes, Deodorants, Hair care products, Packaged Foods, Lotions, Creams, Moisturizers, Prescription topical medicines, Moist wipes,Shampoo,Shaving gels, sodas, Coffee, Cake, dessert, and brownie mix, Prepackaged cupcakes, donuts, and pastries, Salad dressings (especially ranch), Sauces (steak, barbecue, horseradish, etc), Sour creams, whipped-toppings .  At that point you should have a pretty disgruntled person and have put them in there place.

Aside from all this.. I’ve not had a regular cigarette in many many months and I am working my way to stop vaping.  Even when I have seen doctors they generally have less of a time harassing me over smoking when they realize that I have been using an e-cigarette vs a real cigarette.

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This post has been brought to you by coffee


After a hot day its a cool night for coffee
I’ve been screwing around with my new phone so post as of late will make less sense than elder fudd on lsd

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Need now

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Random post goes here.

seeing if plugin works

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Media… Completely fascinated with bored people .. and there wii’s

I find the media often gets fascinated with some pretty weird shit at times, weither its the next missing garden gnomes, or some star taking a dump… the media is there normally to smell it. Lately with the media getting involved with console gaming, they have been attacking it as the next WMD, to the Media it is something that beats your wife , kills your pets and makes your children into cannibals. When the media is bored i find thats when there at there most dangerous to themselves and others around them. So just doing my normal thing of looking at Fark.com , an article caught my eye and I clicked. the Title of it was “Growing a wii bit bored” from the Calgary Herald. but the dumbfuckery of this one gets to me. its a long write by me but I’ll take a stab at his stab.

read on for my silly take to this article of playing with numbers and attention whoring at its best from the calgary heralds department of pulling numbers outta there ass.

It starts

In an interview with gaming publication IGN.com, the president of Epic Games, which produces the incredible Gears of War for the Xbox 360, dumped on Nintendo’s Wii, dismissing the system that has sold 20 million units as a fad that will soon wane, and saying his company won’t ever be releasing games on it.

“The first time I played a videogame with my parents was on Atari 2600,” says Mike Capps. “The next time I played a videogame with my parents . . . was Wii Tennis. So it’s about bringing people together, families, Thanksgiving, all that. I think it’s kind of like a weird virus because I have not yet found a reason to play with my Wii since then.

“It’s a virus where you buy it and you play it with your friends and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, that’s so cool, I’m gonna go buy it. So you stop playing it after two months, but they buy it and they stop playing it after two months but they’ve showed it to someone else who then goes out and buys it and so on.

theres so many things wrong with this I don’t even know where to begin. To Immediately just start dumping on something means your pissed off for one reason or another rather than taking a neutral bias to what your writing about. Also bringing the Asshat from epic in on the first line from and interview just starts this article all wrong.. I’m allowed to have bias here… gears of war? I couldn’t care any less for the game. I mean just how many times can you rehash unreal tournament. The comment alone is shortsighted, The reason people get the Wii is it is FUN…

As far the wii being a virus, i think not , Nintendo has realized that power is not everything. Generally i have one rule with gaming, the more eyecandy generally the shittier the game is for fun and replayability. I Do not play a game for eye-candy , I learned that lesson once too many that general focus on graphics tend to kill games, Or make the game so short its not worth it. Balancing graphics and gameplay is the key, people still play D&D… now theres some heavy fricken graphics for ya .. This guy is full of it .. by the looks of it this guy never played anything past Wii Sports. Continuing…


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well i know i’ve not posted to this in a bit – been kinda out of it. but as things go , trying to get more active again with upkeep of this site. anyways today is a GOOD day for coffee

Cool Beans coffee!

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New bike/Messing around

Well, after a year and half+ of not having a bike I finally got sick of the lack of Mobility. My old bike was a black mountian bike that i had used for at least 5 to 6 years and just from the amount of travel i put on the thing the bikes bearings were actaully Crushed from so much use. Well due to my condition, I really had put thought into what kind of bike and what I needed from it.

So For one it had to be

  • Light for one (i’ve lost alot of strenght in my arms due to condition)
  • Cheap enough not to break the bank
  • Good construction (dont need it to fall appart while riding)
  • Something to last Awhile

Well After going to a few Stores i finally ended up with this.

Even thought his bike appears to be heavy you would be Surprised when you pick it up . This morning I decided to give this thing a test and run up the bike path near my house – its a nice path Currently this path is cut in half through by construction that is taking forever to complete, I choose the bike path thinking it would be good try out for the bike. theres barely any hills (i did not want the bike to come appart in a hilly area where i’d have to carry up or down hills to come home.

I had Also taken my camera along to see how well i could support the camera bag while riding the bike and along the way I would stop and take pictures of whatever interested me at the time. about 1 mile up the path I found a Rather large Collective Of turtles. it was crazy to see so many in one place.

After the bike path I continued on to some woods near my house since the bike path just has alot of people on and not nessarly the nicest people or people that generally have any inteligence when it comes to a bike path , Useaully bike paths have set travel lanes and really what happens Is you end up have someone not paying attention to you at all as you comming up/down the bike path swing out in front of you or totally ignore you. which is completely fucking annoying . so after i Calmed down a bit – I had my phone and was talking with a good friend over AIM via my phone – I figured i’d play with the depth of field with my camera and enjoy the peace of not having idoits around .

Interestingly enough that message came up When i took the picture and i did not realize that till after the fact

but as far as having a bike again to travel it really makes traveling very enjoyable rather than walking all over the damn place. and having my camera along made it abit more fun just to mess arouund with it and go from places to place taking pictures

The picture above is a farm that is a shot distance from my home but I did found some interesting ways to vary the subjects of my pictures and trying not to kill myself since i have not road a bike in over a year.

there is a small water fall in this farm area when i walked up to it iw as completely oblivous to these frogs and there was more than 3 or 4in the water i did not notice.

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