Attack of the Christmas part III

Another year another holiday , What used to be called Christmas creep to me is now attack of the Christmas. When they started Christmas stuff in October I was angry, but now it seems we cant get the fuck through summer without some sort of Christmas.  Every Year we are losing the war on Christmas , soon we are going to get Christmas advertisements in April .. I was walking through a store in AUGUST… and what do I see to fill me with enough rage to make me light plastic santa clauses on fire… this…..

20140825_170952Are you fucking kidding me… ?

My answer to this ..

Nuke_itStores wonder why there Christmas sales are so poor around Christmas. They do not think that forcing christmas down our throat early and earlier is a bad thing. Actually it is . It starts to wears people out faster when they start having christmas music vomited out of every speaker in store just to get in the “spirit” of shopping.  This does not get me in the spirit at all, moreover it gets me in the spirit of getting the fuck out of that store faster.  In the long run companies lose out on profits by spreading out christmas more because people are like likely to impulse buy with christmas that is months and months away. Instead they will make decisions that will save some money and not do the christmas rush.  Not that I support the christmas early thing, but it spreads a lesser profit over a year and actually could result in less profits for the company.  These companies should put christmas back where it belongs after thanksgiving and focus on that time rather than bitch and moan that black friday was a huge loss.  Well fucking Duh …. People bought all there shit in August when you started putting your shit out.

If you give me the choice of proctology by hand grenade or Christmas music in the middle of the year. I will most definitely take the hand grenade thank you .  It is less painful and it gets you out of listening to the Christmas music.


As far as advertisements are concerned K-mart has earned a special place in hell this year.  They put on a commercial for christmas by saying it was not a Christmas commercial. They seriously need a lesson in fucking timing.

They use weasel wording to get around the topic that its a christmas related commercial and try to act coy about it .  By saying its not christmas and having santa drive by in a handicap cart … wow fuck you K-mart.  Whoever the suit at K-mart thought this was a great idea should have a polar ice cap shoved up his ass.

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Attack of the Christmas part II

Two days ago I posted about the Christmas Creep well, Today I went to mall to discover unfortunately how bad how the Christmas Creep was. It’s not a creep anymore. Its the christmas War on Holidays, the casualties so far .. Halloween, Thanksgiving and anything inbetween. From the front lines which I’ve personally witnessed and My friend david whom was overwelmed at the scene and cried on sight..

Corporations are destroying Christmas, People are already starting to be worn out of the meaningless push on wanting consumers to buy useless shit for christmas.

I dont mind so much about the week after thanksgiving for Christmas, but NOW? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO go away get out.. GTFO…

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The Christmas Creep isnt the creep anymore its the Attack of the christmas.

I am starting to get annoyed with christmas already and thats a new record. retail stores have Had christmas shit out since september, and really I dont know what these stores are thinking because its blisteringly retarded. Since retailers have started so early its already having and effect on people , I’ve heard the ”
oh fuck Christmas is coming and i don’t have money for this”

A Wal-Mart Stores-sponsored survey this year found that three in 10 so-called Wal-Mart moms planned to start their Christmas shopping three months early.

Maybe because there christmas shit was up 5 months early? I noticed in late august the local wallyworld had christmas stuff out in the back corner of the store. retail stores have gone as far as to moving “black friday” to the day after halloween. Thats all we need parents with there kids cracked out on sugar in stores yay!

On cue, retailers — all bracing for what looks to be the worse holiday shopping season in two decades — are taking those statistics to heart, with Wal-Mart leading the pack. The world’s largest retailer was first out of the gate on Oct. 1 — yes Oct. 1 — to slash prices on select toys, beating its own record for an early start.

I know the econimy is bad but what the fuck? lets make it WORSE by blowing money we dont have on a Holiday 2 months away ? Sure that helps retailers but does not help out people scraping by on next to nothing.  Stores are mutating halloween into something actaully scary Halloweemas .. as weird as that sounds you can find “halloween Trees”

This  year with christmas is like watching dead flys fuck.  I cant wiat for this season to be over with . Thankfully they have not started with the christmas music at stores , i think when they do i am going to just wear earplugs till january ..

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Merry Christmas!

with christmas 2 days away and Me forgeting to update the site i figured now is a good time to start. hopefully everyone has a good christmas/newyear.

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