What the hell? Part III

I’ve posted in the past about my goings in life… Rather Cryptically but nonetheless I’ve posted about it. Things are still the same as they have been.  A bit quieter, A bit of new, a bit of old, Trying to rebuild my life from near scratch.  You would figure in almost a year things would calm down or go away … No such luck, Its a painful thing, and I live with the hate thrown at me every day for crazy shit I’ve had nothing to do with. While this life is a new, and trying to rebuild and set a base for myself, Its a day to day struggle where I wake up each day and remind myself to move forward and not dwell in the past.  I still want to be left alone by this person and they may never understand or even understand what damage they have done.  As I work myself to the next step, I’ve finally followed up and started to update this site on a semi regular basis and while maybe no one reads this I am trying to get myself back into the swing of things.

On that note, updates will keep coming to the site as i try to find my place with the site again. After taking such a long break from coffeecommander I feel like I’ve slipped in my abilities with posts.  While I can vomit out a 900 word post I am just feeling that I slipped where I could get more across in less words.

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