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Awhile back I had gotten the Galaxy Nexus , and the phone through and through was a pretty good phone other than needing a small nuclear power plant to keep the battery up.  While the nuclear power plant option was a little steep in price I did get a Satechi 10000 mAh Portable Energy Station, Its as close as you can get to nuclear power for a phone without the radiation hazards.  Not to mention that the nuclear power plant has some mobility disadvantages.

Funny enough after a year plus with the phone I realized it had the same problem with its predecessor the phones antenna was not up to par, there were nights I was ready to eat my phone due to the antenna dropping calls or doing other strange shit.  Alas though … the Galaxy Nexus met its end, While the phone was tough it was not tough enough when it picked a fight with a concrete floor and the floor won.  While my comment about the back battery cover feeling like your going to break the phone is only partially correct. The phone itself can take some serious abuse.

The phone I chose as its replacement was the LG nexus 5 , It improves further on the Nexus line of phones with some disadvantages. You loose the ability to some degree to replace the battery on your own, while the battery is “non user serviceable” with a few tools you can get the battery replaced on your own.   Battery life is improved a slight bit while 24 hours is still the high bar for keeping a charge on the phone with light use as I am looking at my phone now and with 38% of the battery left and 1day and 2 hours on battery.

Though my older post I pretty much had my own set of requirements for a phone… and they were as follows.

Requirements for a Phone

  • to make calls
  • The Phone is configurable
  • good battery life
  • add/make ringtones
  • Applications that don’t cost a years pay for a small 3rd world country
  • Durable

While that list is a good starting point its safe to say my list is more dated than a check out card in a library book.  With the way phones have gone in this world most of that list is the norm and redundant,  The phone is configurable and add/make ringtones should really be collapsed into one point now, since most phones these days accept common sound files and not convoluted file types as ringtones. Also applications is now a Standard and there are many alternatives to applications.  Durability still stands on its one due to the fact that if you ever pay attention to the amount of people that walk around with there phones with cracked and damaged screens , you want to turn around and make a wall paper to make your screen look cracked to blend in.  Battery life is still a HUGE issue with phones as per my need of a small nuclear power plant.  The last more important point is making calls, there are so many phones out there that look fantastic and do everything but your laundry that end up failing because the sound is miserable through the ear piece and it causes jackasses yelling into their phone via speaker phone that you want to fire off a third floor of a mall.

The new list is as follows

While all the original points do stay they have been compressed into a more ideal categories.  There are new categories that before would not be included. since I’ve started phone fun, when companies would add some newfangled device on the phone for bells and whistles it would commonly take away from the phone.  Cell phones these days are moving away from personal communication devices as they are closer to wearable computing these days. While the list is still short, it puts all the basics that a phone should be.  I do not give a flying fuck if a phone has facebook connectivity or twitter or any other social network. Who gives a fuck about that.

The new points I’ve added are pretty simple and complicated in the same sentence.

On taking a decent picture,

Phones these days are very very close to taking the need for a point and shoot camera out of the math. As far as my phone goes I do use it for a daily driver of sorts for photography.  Phones these days do have Autofocus and flashes, While the quality is not on par with a point and shoot camera they are closing that gap quickly.  The phone however will not replace a SLR camera or a high end point and shoot, Phone companies and accessory companies are trying but to the end of that they are just making goofy shit add-ons to the phones that make you think “well fuck ill just strap my phone to a telescope for a 60000000x optical zoom so I can zoom on tits 4 cities over.

Oooo yeah look at those nice tits!

On privacy,This is where phones are failing horribly, there is a path being taken by companies that is just plain evil and the users are just taking it up the ass with an aircraft carrier.  Most users of phones are not paying attention to this small thing and there lives are being picked apart by companies trying to harvest data from you. I’m sure that there is some company out there trying to figure out how to use your phones accelerometer to figure out how many times you take a shit in a day for a sellable data point.  I wish I were kidding here but likely there is some company out there trying to do that….. Likely facebook .  I can see it now “USER so and so had a Poop for 15 minutes – About 30 minutes ago (like).  Our privacy has been the center of a corporate war for awhile now.  Any scraps of data they can pick up are seen as commodities and therefor profitable.  When you install and application and it says “Fine GPS” you really should pay attention to that, because its sending the application maker your location down to a few meters. Using fine location they really could take a data point to figure out if you were shitting your brains out after a bad meal at Burger King.

How Does the Nexus 5 measure from my point of view… well… using my list of metrics.

  • Making good calls
    -The Nexus 5 makes some pretty good calls, though the earpiece speaker is a bit on the small side so sometimes there is a bit of adjustment needed. overall – Good
  • Phone is Adaptively configurable (ring tones, applications , user driven)
    -This is where this phone shines, Since it is the barebones version of Android it lets the user modify the phone versus the Service provider putting bloatware on the phone. –Excellent
  • Battery Life and Durability
    -While the phone still requires a small nuclear power plant with moderate use I fell that it is an improvement over the prior phone, Though the Nexus 5 takes a durability hit when it comes to the GPS , I’ve gone through one nexus 5 due to a loose GPS connector, if you look it up its a fairly common issue that the GPS antenna becomes loose –poor to fair until hardware revision to phone comes out.
  • Takes a Decent picture
    -I’ve taken quite a few pictures with this phone. Before I’d default to my point and shoot camera for quality shots if i needed them this phone actually performs well in many conditions that surprised me. –Good to almost Excellent for a phone….
  • Allows some form of user privacy
    -Out of the box the Nexus 5 can have some of the privacy options enabled, but, its not enough through applications you can install software that allows better control of the data that is collected but the Nexus 5 Can be unlocked for better control of your data and your life.  Privacy at the moment is near a lost cause due to companies rewarding consumers into there everyday lives for little or no return. until this improves with user education or some ridiculous thing going wrong with phones due to this people are going to turn a blind eye to it. – Poor to Above average (dependent on user skill)

In closing I’d highly recommend the nexus 5 to anyone looking for a speedy smartphone with a fairly configurable interface.

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