Explain the fee… Sprint and there goofy “Free” 4g Fee.

I recently got a new phone on the fact of the phone i had was starting to have some issues. I know my luck with phones is not exactly the best. but, I decided I’d go with a brand new phone rather than a older phone.

So I picked up the HTC EVO and Figured i’d go with a plan with unlimited text and data, the one curious part was the fact that sprint wanted a 10$ Premium data fee, which made no sense, at first i didn’t think much of the fee than I saw multiple sites post about how 4g was suppose to be free, so I got curious. So what does this “premium data” cover?

Strangely enough it has nothing to do with data as sprint.com explains

Premium Data

This phone can do it all and then some. Because we’ve boosted your data experience with this phone’s amazing services and features, you’ll need this add-on. Enjoy:
  • A wicked fast processor to make your apps run smoother and faster on our Sprint 3G and 4G network
  • Top quality media experience with oversized screen, high resolution video and HD recording
  • High-quality pics to snap and share with friends and family
What the Hell? So somehow the “wicked fast” Processor is somehow “wicked fast” with this fee? Not so much. If you research the phone you’d realize the frame rate of 30 FPS, the frame rate is about as smooth as watching a constipated cow, not to mention this processor is nowhere near new.
Oversized Screen? HD Recording, we’ve not hit a point that deals with DATA yet.
High Quality pics? try taking a picture or a video in a dim room it looks like your filming from a black hole.
the phone performance-wise is MEH… Its not super its not bad. although the screen is 4 inches that’s about the only driving point to the phone.  There is a noticeable skippyness to the frame rate , Even killing off most processes you end up with no improvement over all.
Sprint Really Needs to just out and say they are charging for free 4g.

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