The state of gaming.

Ever had one of those days where you look at something and say hmm.  Well, I’ve been doing that for about a few months.  For awhile Now I’ve been wanting to spread out my gaming more than just between the WII and the PC.  Both platforms in my opinion are suffering from bad development and bad companies.   Well, After long thought and wondering if I’d be better off with a Bluray Drive for my PC or Some other upgrade I finally decided against both and went with the black sheep of the decisions.

I ended buying a PlayStation 3. Sure Its the more expensive of the options but If you think about it the PC as  gaming platform right now is like an Ice Cube in a blast oven.  As many developers shun the PC from there towers of money saying “Oh noes we wont develop for the PC because of the pirates.  Using piracy is a cheap scapegoat. If anything piracy for the PC is less these days. I know P2P is supposedly rampant, and P2p will Possess you, Take over your mind you become a download zombie. But honestly of the local people I know, NONE of them have pirated a game on the PC in AGES.

I know this has been beaten to death over and over, but the PC game makers need to get there heads out of there asses, at the given rate the PC is going to be nothing but a Farmville Zynga Gaming system.  Game Devs need to bring back demos for the PC. Not do the DRM dance and cry about pirates doing Pirouettes.  I buy the damn games, and PC users are getting sick of getting burned, weither its a cheap console port or god awful programming.

What I mean about being burned is, you buy a game only to have it.

Crash your system, than if you look for help from the devs they claim its your system.  C&C3 was great for the BSOD its not recent but it sticks out in my mind.

Designed so bad You need a fucking Borg cube on crack to run it.. GTA IV Its a semi good looking game but the fact that that it uses Games for windows live and rockstar games social club, 2 Separate clients for stuff people will never use and needlessly confusing the fuck outta things. Not to mention that the game slows to a crawl after 1hour of playing to the point of unplayability because the games programed badly. GTA IV could be written into a post of its own because of some of the faults.

Console Port from hell: If you have tried Saints row 2 for the PC, all I have to say is I feel your pain. Aside from being a generic console port and being bugged to hell, Even the developer has stopped supporting this game which in itself should be grounds for a refund.

DRM from Hell:  Developers say Stop pirating my game and add some convoluted DRM that just about wants you to call up and recite the song that never ends, Or Said DRM Nukes your system and devs say “not our problem but sorry for nuking your system”.  Too many games  I’ve seen have been kneecapped by DRM , by removing said DRM most times you actually improve the framerates up to 50% in some cases. Another thing is that hardware tends to get unnecessary wear- I Have a drawer if old DVD/CD Drives that have been killed by gaming.

If you are going to make a platform for DRM without making it look like DRM, look at steam. Don’t go these crazy stupid methods like – requiring an aways On internet connection to play a singleplayer game. if your connect isn’t perfect good luck playing assassins creed 2.

I will admit, there is piracy and there always will be, but Scapegoating the PC doesn’t help the case, When piracy on the consoles exist as well. Kotaku ran a poll about gaming and the numbers were not surprising to me..

Ok, i can see that. but, Given that the PC is a much older platform with most PC gamers being older than console gamers. Here’s the surprise

Kotaku Thinks that its surprising for PC games to be pirated even though that its been pretty much reported to death by gaming media and scapegoated  as to why PC doesn’t get X game. If you look at the PC AAA games there’s few and far in between, if you look at the console AAA games begin to think If the PC is a bastion of piracy or not? Since there is no real numbers for actual claims of piracy most seem to be pulled from the union of  IPRNFMA(i pull random numbers from my ass) If you look at the supposed numbers for modern warfare 2: 4.1 million copies?

The number of console pirates astounds me. 51% from the poll.

if we are to use the number of consoles out there and assuming this poll is correct . There’s over 70million pirated console  games out there. (using Total console sales / 51% *i know the number isnt a good representation because of  sales to Failure rates*Fuck you Xbox for being a failbox)
I think game developers just use piracy as their “I don’t feel like making a game with depth” card.

these companies need to reevaluate the market and stop taking the easy way out.

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