is 1080p Really worth it?

Since buying a monitor with a HD tuner  in march I’ve been watching some tv but a pattern has emerged that I’ve noticed.  The lack of 1080p tv, Even though that all the major providers say they have HD , it seems like the definition is about as tangible at best.  There is lack of 1080p on tv itself.

Since the introduction of  “HD” there seems to be a downhill slide of quality of the programing what was on tv a year ago seems to be in a better quality than today’s HD.  Mostly you notice the highest quality in sporting events. but if you look at a sporting event today you’d notice that there either using compression or a lower quality camera than before.

I have to laugh when it comes to the sale of a TV with the push of “OMG IT DOES 1080p!” In most cases with that the difference between 1080i/p 720p is going to be barely noticeable. Best Buy has there 1080p caroling commercials on lately and it begs this question…

Is 1080p worth it?

personally my opinion is NO unless all you do is watch movies all day as far as a tv is concerned. You can get along just fine with a 720p TV (which will likely do 1080i) . The HD market is a bad place theres alot of market speak that would leave ANYONE confused.

If you buy a TV to watch TV the best thing to do is save yourself perhaps hundreds of dollars by getting a 720p tv , if your the mad movie watcher or have a PC hooked to the TV 1080p is the way to go.

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