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I watched StarTrek in the theaters a few days ago and the movie in it self was pretty good and, as a series “reboot” (i hate the word reboot for movies).  It Does a somewhat good job of distancing itself from the previous movies while keeping homage to the original series in a way.

The biggest problem with the movies is lens flare….. not just lens flare holy shit lens flare

flare_At first we though if we made  drinking game out of the lens flare it would be funny .. well yes.. it was .. exactly 30 seconds into the movie we lost count of the “lens flares’ more so if you even attempted this you’d be worse than a G W bush Drinking game and probably dead.

As for the plot of the movie it was fairly ok, but it had some momentum issues. it does keep your attention through the movie but, I felt like it tries to keep you on the edge of your seat the whole movie,  the Dark Knight suffers this, and through the whole movie it kind of devalues the scenes after awhile of constant action.  I mean pretty much if you wanted to simplify the movie its:  *action* *action* *action* *action* *action* *action* *action* *action* *action* *action* *action**kirk does something funny* *action* *action* *action* *action* *action* *action* *action* *action* *action* *action**spock and uhura get it on* *action* *action* *action* *action* *action* *action* *action**kirk meets spock* *action* *action* *action* *action* END OF MOVIE ……

still and over all good movie but I felt at some points it lacked character depth, There are some scenes where you go “where the fuck did that come from (spock and uhura scenes) Also it does a fairly good job of distancing itself from the previous treks without causing all trekkies to jump out and say “OMG THAT NOT HOW IT HAPPENS” .

Over all its a good movie and worth the watch in the theater , Just be prepared for lens flare.. ALOT OF IT. Even the trailer does not prepare you for epic lens flare. Even Rick flair could not prepare you for it.

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  • steveabc says:

    Bet you felt silly when the DVD came out and they pointed out they added lens Flare to make it appear more “Real”… especially on the CGI effects

  • Mike says:

    Oh i know it was added, but to an extreme – plus with that sort of thing it really distances itself from realism in a way. Even in the title shots they added it , at the beginning of the movie i had suggested to my friend a drinking game, to which we rethought that idea since we’d be dead in the first 30 seconds of the movie.

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