McSpresso…… Either Mcdonalds is getting into espressos or you just sneezed while vomiting.

So Mcdonalds is getting into the espresso market Starbucks style?  Why.. Bad food and bad coffee, the commercials are worse showing “starbucks” people talking about Mcdonalds coffee and than running there.. No so much.  Yes I hate starbucks and mcdonalds but hell this is pathetic. Just the name Mcdonalds incites poor thoughts, Mcjob, McPay, McWork, McBadCoffee, McFoodPoisoning. Starbucks is ripe for being made fun of , Stuckup fruitcakes there…

Whats with all these companies getting into other far out concepts for there business types, dunkin donuts serving pizza. Whats next KFC doing shoe shines and pressing your pants while you wait with a hummer on the side?

This has to stop, If you cant get what you originally serve in the first place right , dont try to serve some other aweful product until you have your product right.

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  • Joe says:

    Starbucks sucks bad enough, but we just have to draw the line when a company with a clown mascot serves a McSpresso drink and thinks we can not just laugh our asses off at such a lackluster thing.

    There is no way on earth that they could make anything resembling quality, when half the time anyone goes there, they get the order all wrong. That’s just with simple burgers. That and nobody speaks enough Enlish to understand all the coffee jargon added on top of the language barrier.

    Give it up, Ronald McDonald. This isn’t going to work.

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