Coffee fillers…. What the hell did they learn there lesson from Pink slime?

In a world of cat and elephant shit coffee you’d expect your normal coffee to go untouched. That may be at an end.

Brazilian scientists have developed a new way of testing coffee grounds for fillers like corn, sticks (yep, as in wood), barley, and soybeans. The test, which detects the presence of sugars that wouldn’t normally be in pure java, is being presented at this week’s annual American Chemical Society meeting.

soo….. lets add some sticks and corn to my coffee and put it in the microwave …. mmmm Pop-tea-coffee-corn.  Not that this practice has been in use in the US yet. But if there is a test developed it means its in the pipeline.

“Adulterated coffee is something I’ve suspected in some work I’ve done in Russia and the Middle East, where there’s an extreme price point set for consumer products,” says Andrew Hetzel, a coffee industry consultant who leads training courses for the Coffee Quality Institute.

I guess we will all have to watch out for dunkin donuts and the like saying “CHECK OUT OUR NEW FLAVORS!” oh wait..

Dunkin Donuts to Launch First Hot Dark-Roast Coffee

Dunkin’ Donuts to Sell New Dark-Roast Nationwide Next Month

Dunkin’ Donuts, long known for its light coffee, is going dark, in the latest move to poach customers in the escalating java wars.

The unit of Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc. debuted its new dark-roast coffee, the first hot dark roast in its 64-year history, on Thursday at a Modesto, Calif., store, and plans to sell it nationwide starting Sept. 22.

Dunkin’ says the dark roast represents its most important coffee launch since it came…

Are coffees going to have the wonderful labels of common products that you don’t understand . Here’s a short list you might not want to read.

  • Polydimethylsiloxane

This is a common fast food additive, you’ll find PDMS include Silly Putty, anti-foaming agents, breast implants, dry-cleaning solutions, silicone and head-lice treatments. Yummy! 

  • Castoreum (You almost don’t want to know this one…)

Beaver anal juice can be commonly found in perfumes and colognes but are also sometimes used in raspberry products to enhance their flavor. wait what??  It can also be found in chewing gum and cigarettes. So the next time you have some gum or a cigarette folks … remember you are sucking beaver ass! Mmmmmmm….It is hard to imagine beaver anal juice enhancing the flavor of raspberries.

  • Silicon dioxide

Ever go to the beach and get sand in the crack of your ass that just wont go away ? Well, Silicon dioxide is added to coffee creamers.. While not gross, it ends up as fucking weird. its also in soups and salads. Maybe I just might bring a spoon to a beach and enjoy the seashore.

Ready to spit out beer? than read on ..

  • methylparaben

Find methylparaben in many wines, soft drinks, and fruit juice from concentrate… Enjoy it knowing that the additive originates in the vaginas of dogs when they are in heat. From the beavers ass to a dogs vagina.. mmmmmm…

  • Shellac

Secretions from the female Lac beetle used to finish wood products. Used as a candy coating…

So that’s what kind of fun is in foods that are preprocessed.  But all in all even if you did not know what you were ingesting..  No need to loose our fucking minds until they start adding raw dog shit as an ingredient.


In the end this list proves that there is no reason to add anything to coffee. Even though Arabica beans production is down this year by 10% there is no given reason to add sticks or any other random shit to coffee unless your rich, than you can add all the cat and elephant ass to your coffee you want.

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And weird news out there. sorority cow house has taco night… Explosion Injuries one.

Flatulence from 90 cows in a German barn sparked a methane gas explosion that damaged the building and left one cow slightly injured with burns, police said Tuesday.

“In the barn for 90 dairy cows, methane built up for unknown reasons and was probably ignited by a static discharge, exploding in a darting flame,” said local police in the central town of Rasdorf in Hesse state.

“Parts of the roof cover were slightly damaged and a cow suffered minor burns,” said police, adding that a fire crew rushed to the scene of Monday’s accident and a gas field crew later measured methane levels.

Aside from the taco joke, That has to be sight to be seen. cow farts gone critical.ff_684Bessy the night before had Indian food, When questioned she was not aware of her emissions till she had lit up a smoke for the night . 36d24ef061b8367cc2c50b98d3548f62a22d99235b9eff2f064883c0db7c61bf

Must be a slow news day….


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Chuck season 3!: Chuck Versus the Network. yay i think?

Chuck is in for a third season but its more a pyretic victory than anything else.  I could be wrong but NBC seems not want to keep chuck in one of its slots even though they have given into a 3rd season.

Why do I say this … well lets look at the ups and downs of this


  • Chuck lives on for another season (this one deserves an * though)
  • We get to see the chuck story line progress.
  • Another season of something to watch witty, funny humor

Negatives for Chuck Season 3

  • Only 13 episodes vs the normal 20+
  • Warner Bros. agreed to make significant budget concessions
  • scaling back the number of episodes several members of the show’s stellar supporting cast will appear in

if you looks the negatives directly influence the positives, Yes, Im happy for season 3 of chuck but, at what cost has NBC put it at?

The genius of chuck was the whole fact that they could twist a bunch of story lines together without directly interacting with each other and keep it funny and too a point where everyone could see a bit of themselves in each episode (refering to the buymore and family plots of the show).

Hopefully with the losses, Chuck can still keep up without loosing its charm.

At this point the save Chuck campaign in my belief is only Half done. Hopefully the creators will adapt and keep the show as interesting as it has been and hopefully get renewed to a full season versus the current half season.

I know I’m looking at the negatives here but who knows. Maybe we win and see Chuck season 4

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Chuck Keep it on the air!

I don’t watch too much TV but, the one show I have been following is Chuck . At first I watched a few episodes but, the series proceeded I really began to like the show. The show has a serious but not to serious side and plot that you can follow without having to watch the whole series. After a two season run the fate of the show is up in the air.

the amount of meta-humor in the show is halarious, In Chuck versus Santa Claus Big mikes cousin is Al powell , to movie buffs that would be none other than Al Powell from die hard.

another episode mades a reference in one of chucks flashes to the “great outdoors” with the ol 96’er

chuckWith the show in the great unknown of being canceled out not , I really hope they keep the show on the air , this show is too good to be canceled.

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Rogers Standup

last monday my friend roger did stand up at a local club, I was suppose to go but having issues building a PC kind of took my attention away due to having some small issues , I really wish I went to that it looks like a blast.

Below is the video of the act in 2 parts and if your at work this is NSFW



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My printer is slightly confused today….

I’ve been having problems installing a printer, when i finally got it installed it threw an interesting error

has less than 20% of ink remaining. Click Buy Now to purchase Genuine Epson Ink for your Buy Now/Where to Buy online. Shipping available only in the continental U.S. Click Remind Me Later to see this screen again when the level falls below 10107372%.

damn .. I want a printer cartridge with 10107372% ink

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(No Title)

11 days left!

2007-6-8 15:30:00 GMT-04:00!

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My L2 chars LOTR death

Your Lord of the Rings DEATH
by villainslair
Date to die: September 13, 2173
Your LotR death shall be: Merry and Pippin turn cannibalistic, and rather than eat each other, they eat you.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

LMAO.. Killed by Midgets!

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