Logitech , A love hate …

I’ve gone through a few logitech Mice over the years, and its always the same shit that gets me on these mice. every fucking damn time ….. My last mouse is the Logitech performance MX , While the mouse is a nice mouse. It suffers the same fate of every other mouse I’ve had from logitech . The microswitch fails on the left mouse button – when you click it makes you click like a mouse struggling to escape .  Want to click once? nah fuck that I’ll make you click 34973947 times and you’ll like it.  This problem has actually cost me, I’ve clicks on a purchase button and ended up ordering multiple orders of something.  You’d think in the 10+ years of this problem some engineer would go hmm somethings wrong. Instead it seems like all the logitech designers took the day off and smoked crack. This problem makes you want to destroy the mouse with no mercy.




It would be nice of logitech if they would redesign this one flaw out of there mice, otherwise most people that have used logitech for as long as I realize that the mouse you have is on a death watch from the second you buy it . If logitech made cars at this point they would force you to die when you press the accelerator and it floors you into a wall because it tapped the gas twice .

Unfortunately Microsoft or any of the other hardware manufacturers have yet to make a mouse that is good enough, so it feels like I am going back to a dealer that cuts his product with powder bleach or something.



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Logitech MX 1100 (review)

After dealing with so many logitech G7’s , I’d finally given up on them as logitech has sent me a Logitech MX1100.

mx1100After almost a month of using this mouse its a fairly good mouse , it has more buttons than you know what to do with (10 buttons). The most noticable thing is the grip on the mouse it forms to your hand fairly well compaired to the g7 , A handshake would best explain it as it conforms to your hand.

As for mouse speeds its  right up there with the G7, Maybe a tiny bit slower but barely noticable. My only peeve with the mouse is when you use the mouse from an idle state after leaving the mouse for awhile and you first move it after an extended period of time its slow to come alive, its like you shake it awake literly. but, after that the mouse works extremely well.

For now I’ll give this mouse a thumbs up but we will see down the road if the mouse will follow the same path as the G7 …

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Logitech G7 double click Abyss

I’ve just about had it with the G Series of Logitech mice. I don’t know why but, they always seem to get the double click of death after only months of use.

right now my mouse is inthe process of being sent to Logitech, Thankfully support was willing to RMA my mouse for a completely different mouse.

our Warranty Department and I can offer you the MX1100 Cordless Mouse as a replacement.

The MX1000 I had lasted 4 years before any problems what so ever with that mouse and I hope the quality is better than the Logicrap G7

So hopefully there should be a Review of the MX1100 thats Favorable instead of Hulk angry want to kill a mouse rant.

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Logitech G7 Revolutions… the circle is complete.

Yes i had to make the bad title joke…

From my first post about the logitech G7 to the RMA post , and now this post which i shall pretty much regard as a postmortem for the G7 series.


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Logitech G7 reloaded… ftw

looking back I first posted about the logitech G7 mouse in one of the very first posts to this site.

Ever since logitech came out with its first ergonomic keyboards I jumped ship from microsofts Ergo keyboards because they kept shrinking the keys. back in 1997 i had the mouseman pro, ever since than i’ve kinda stuck with logitech.

Well since the MX1000 i’ve had a small problem that crops up after while of using the mouse which the left click decides to start failing, if you read the original post you can see that a left click acts like a double click no matter how tactful you are with the mouse. after getting fully annoyed at the G7 i purchased another one at Circuit City and started to use that one. same problem cropped up . so getting a little sick of going through mice so fast i finally decided to talk to logitech about it.

Finding the receipt for one mouse came about quickly but as for the second mouse , that is more of an issue , so logitech so far has replaced one G7 with short notice and thankfully quickly. because the temp mouse i had was starting to make me go blind. It has a Blue LED you could use to grow plants with.

After searching this page i came up with the date i had bought my original G7 , i dont know if that will help with the RMA , maybe it will maybe it wont

we shall see….

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