Weed can kill you man…… Groovy! Nah what the fuck?

I was bored and ran into an article that just had clickbait written all over it .. Marijuana Use Linked to Two Deaths . Hmm ok, thats a new one to me , I will give it a click since maybe they had killer munchies. reading on.

Although marijuana may have a reputation as a relatively harmless drug, a new case report links it to the deaths of two young men in Germany.

From the department of I just want to make a name for myself from the subdivision of facts pulled out of my ass.  Now that the article has my attention with that starter I read onwards with expectation of massive death and destruction warnings on how weed will kill everyone on the planet

Toxicological examinations concluded that the men were under the influence of cannabis before they died, and traces of THC — the main active ingredient in marijuana — were found in the men’s blood and brain tissue, the researchers wrote in the report.

Well that tends to happen when you smoke weed, it just doesn’t blow out your ass when you inhale although that would be an interesting side effect. But, Yet this article still has not shown causality that would make me go “HOLY SHIT WEED IS GOING TO KILL ME!”.  Alright article you win this round , I’ll keep reading.

In both cases, the deaths were related to cardiovascular complications. In one of the deaths, a 23-year-old man without a history of health problems suddenly collapsed while using public transportation, and died after 40 minutes of unsuccessful resuscitation efforts, according to the case report based on postmortem investigations. The man had a small amount of marijuana in his pockets when he was found, according to the researchers at the Institute of Legal Medicine, University Hospital Duesseldorf in Germany, who reported the case.

Well now he had weed in his pocket… Highly observant but still no connection to the death .  Also attention given to no doctors instead “researchers” .  Usually when doctors figure out some live altering complication they slap there name all over that shit with “HEY LOOK AT THIS SHIT HERE! I found something that will kill everyone and I’m the guy that found it”.  The second case gets even more sketchy for the case of weed VS death.

In the second case described in the report, a 28-year-old man was found dead at home by his girlfriend. An ashtray, rolling paper and a sealable plastic bag containing remnants of marijuana were found next to the body. The man had occasionally used cannabis, the researchers wrote. He had also abused alcohol and drugs, such as amphetamines and cocaine until about two years before his death, they wrote.

Are you fucking kidding me?  The fact that the man had smoked weed was more prevalent than the fact that the man had smoked/snorted/inhaled/swallowed/rectally Whatevered fucking all the things that can blow your heart out.. Article I’m loosing you. The fact that the guy did drugs was what likely caused damage to him before he even thought about the cheeze-its in the fridge after taking his first drag off of the weed. Well for fucks sakes lets keep reading and see where journalistic integrity gets you. …

“After exclusion of other causes of death, we assume that the young men died from cardiovascular complications evoked by smoking cannabis,” the researchers wrote.

“We assume the deaths of these two young men occurred due to arrhythmias evoked by smoking cannabis,” but this assumption does not rule out that the men were predisposed to cardiovascular risks, they wrote.

Wait? what?? For fucks sake you just wrote this whole article to completely contradict itself in one sentence… NO SHIT, There was a predisposition  using cocaine and amphetamines leaves you just at a slight risk of a predisposition. Again, Without naming names, who wrote this shit anyways ghost written by Mr Mackey…



Nikolas P. Lemos, the chief forensic toxicologist for the San Francisco Medical Examiner’s Office, said there have been confirmed cases in which marijuana has had harmful effects on the heart.

“The potential cardiotoxicity of cannabis has been reported in peer-reviewed abstracts as well as scientific proceedings before, including by my team,” Lemos said.

Well fucking lah dee dah ! A name Holy shit Dr Lemos !  But this line of text is irrelevant! No hard numbers and its just weasel wording. Saying something happened without the statistics to back it up makes it look so much more foreboding.  Using this wording I could say that there is a chance of death by having coffee squirt out of your ass and eyeballs because its happened.  Moreover I am willing to bet if they used the statistics to back this up it would make it look terrible and give it a statistical chance worse than getting killed by a lightning strike (1 in 700,000), a shark bite (1 in 265,000,000 ) , or a coconut(1:250,000,000) vs the odds of winning powerball (1:275,000,000). How shitty is that.. you are more likely to die from a coconut than win fucking powerball! The odds of dieing from marijuana have to be astronomical.. Meaning you have a better chance of winning powerball! Fuck it game over, I give up on this trash if I read anymore I’ll die of stupidity contracted from Dr. Lemos which is statistically still higher than dieing from marijuana…….

Lemos said he hopes the report will raise awareness of the potential health complications of marijuana use. “I am delighted to see this additional work in hope that medical examiners, coroners and physicians will realize that they need to collect specimens, test for cannabis in post-mortem fluids and consider the contributions of cannabis in the death investigations.

“We simply cannot, any longer, adhere to the old mentality that ‘marijuana does not kill,” Lemos told Live Science. “We are now seeing evidence from my office and elsewhere that it just might.”

Wait What.. why did I keep reading this… My brain hurts.  “From my office…. and Elsewhere” WHERE!? at Dr lemos ‘s house while he was taking a shit going “how can i put myself on the map !” .  These people are something else… Statistically typing these letters have a higher fatality rate over a lifetime than this shit.  Wow.

My final thought to this insanity. Did fox news write this “peer reviewed” paper with Dr Oz as a sponsor?


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Wells Fartgo and the idoits who run it and shake down old people.

It’s been awhile since i have typed up something on here and I’ve made it a point to catch up and get something on here.  I’ve been dealing with a mortgage company from hell or pretty close to it and, it does take a lot of time.   I’ve tried to reason with this company , I’ve tried pleading , I’ve even tried to get them to realize this mortgage was flawed from the inception. It’s gone to the point of throwing lawyers at the bank and seeing if they will listen, Ironically they are trying to play deaf, dumb and, blind to said lawyers.  Rather than replying to any request the lawyer sends out they in turn reply to us and try to scare the hell out of the people in this house by sending people to “check if the property is occupied” it is alright.

The first instance of these so called inspectors ended up with a man trespassing on to the property and recanting on how he “beat his son and went to jail for breaking his arm”.  he’d also went on about responsibilities and such to my mother, I was not home at the time and It only was made known a few days later to me.  Now fuckstick stuff like that and being a representative of a large company hiring thugs sounds like something out of a movie plot that Brian De Palma would direct. That said alone it is a threatening posture to take . he Was told to leave the property and while being told he continued to keep taking pictures of the yard inside the yard and inside the garage. Now I don’t take nicely to people trespassing on my property nor masked threats, You don’t treat people like they are shit nor to you recant your life as a criminal when you’re representing a company. Calls to wells fargo went unanswered or passed off to different departments, and treated as if it did not happen.

The Second incident took place Not more than a month later. Again a person trespassed into the yard and was either looking around or otherwise , When confronted he went to his car and sat in the car with the windows up, when confronted the person would not identify who they are and what they were doing. After a momment that person put down there window and said “HI” and than pulled out almost hitting the person trying to get some identification from this person to who and what they were doing, since all they leave on the house is an envelope with a phone number in it. unknown to asshat whom almost hit someone he has been caught on camera and pictures exist of the incident.

I was livid and called the number in the envelope and asked when since wells fargo was trying to corner the market on murder, to which the person said sorry and said there was nothing that could be done since it was a third party , My ass…. They are hired by wells fargo and they control what these little droids do.  Its nothing short of bullying and scare tactics in order to scare the people whom have mortgages with the company, I’ve fought my way through this and if i even started on the fraud that wells fargo has done I’d have to rename this site Wellfargofraud.net.

It has got to the point where if i call my own mortgage company they will not talk to me in ANY details about anything other than pay us money , if you want information from us its Subpoena only.  I was forced on to the mortgage, I was defrauded on the Initial application and since 2008 I’ve been trying to confront this issue to which wells fargo(wacovia) has categorically ignored any and all communication from me and will only talk to my mother.  to this end I’ve sacrificed almost any credit i have in order to keep this house due to this scam of a loan.  Wells Fargo/Wachovia/World Financial has got away with defrauding almost every American out there and with the foreclosure fraud settlement they have basically got away with murder without as much as a slap on the wrist.  36 billion is a drop in a bucket the size of china when it comes to how much they have invested into derivatives / oil / securities and everything else.

I could write all the issues i’ve been having in this post but I think I’d overrun the internets bandwidth in doing so with this company and how they treat people. So I will save it for another couple of posts….


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Hey AT&T would you quit blowing smoke up peoples asses… I mean really…

I’ve  been passively watching the attempted merger of T-Mobile & AT&T , but what they are saying would make someone more angry than the hulk on crack.  They keep saying this merger will create jobs and to a tune of 100,000 jobs and that’s a right out lie. The point of a merger is to combine ones interest and take the brand over to make it there own. In this video AT&T is claiming that 96,000 jobs will be created. What?

By the two companies merging there will be overlap of positions, overlap of coverage , overlap of just about everything and logically there’s no reason to keep employees on the company that your merging, Logistically if AT&T blowing smoke out there ass since T-mobile USA supposedly employs over 40,000 people. if this counts all the store droids in all the malls and mobile stores is a good question. but how is this going to create these jobs. Since this is a narrow field there is going to be a huge amount of overlap.

in malls you would have AT&T stores next to new acquired AT&T stores that were formally T-mobile. in all over time the parent company would see no use to having these stores together, and likely break lease and fire all employees, While AT&T is playing the “hot” card for job creation when you look at the big picture- the jobs lost while likely have a big effect on what jobs are created. There are other things in play , AT&T is generally regarded by some as terrible, the T-mobile customer base will erode on acquisition, Also the longer this merger stays in limbo the more damage that’s done to T-mobile and to an effect I think AT&T likes it because , if the company goes critical they will *Sweep* in and be the *her0* .

If there is any job creation at all it will be skilled labor and not sales force that will be VERY temporary at best.  Retail locations might get held for a short time to fluff the books on saying they “Created” jobs and as soon as the merger is complete most of these employees will be laid off.  With the limited pool of jobs in these companies it will likely be a clusterfuck of lay-offs as soon as the ink dries.

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Stupid is as Stupid does with your star Sarah Palin.

I was reading up on the current situation on the  oil spill and i’ve noticed that every day that the oil spill is slowly mutating into something else.

It seems that BP is trying there damnedest to hide the severity of this oil spill. On may 20th i started to notice the whitewash  with bp using the national guard to block reporters from beaches. There’s just a huge ass attempt to hide this spill, I have said this already but, its getting fucking ridiculous.  I am sure in the states closer to the oil spill people are more aware, In the north-east US its like a passing knowledge of the spill.

Even Sarah Palin is getting in on the action, From her twitter account she posted

So..because BP, subcontractors & govt screwed up WE get punished w/energy tax that jacks prices & kills jobs & opportunity?Nope,wrong answer about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Hey wackowoman of the west. .. we’ve not forgot your little comment.

another comment from sarah on her facebook page.

Extreme deep water drilling is not the preferred choice to meet our country’s energy needs, but your protests and lawsuits and lies about onshore and shallow water drilling have locked up safer areas. It’s catching up with you. The tragic, unprecedented deep water Gulf oil spill proves it.

We need permission to drill in safer areas, including the uninhabited arctic land of ANWR. It takes just a tiny footprint – equivalent to the size of LA’s airport – to tap America’s rich and plentiful oil and gas up north. ANWR’s drilling footprint is like a postage stamp on a football field.

Uhh drilling platforms have the same footprint ..  Not to mention the SECOND bp spill thats currently in the state of alaska as we speak. So ms palin .. the sane people of America would like to say a big fuck off to your drilling on land is safer with ….

On Tuesday, Pump Station 9, at Delta Junction on the 800-mile pipeline, busted. Thousands of barrels began spewing an explosive cocktail of hydrocarbons after “procedures weren’t properly implemented” by BP operators, say state inspectors “Procedures weren’t properly implemented” is, it seems, BP’s company motto.

Few Americans know that BP owns the controlling stake in the trans-Alaska pipeline; but, unlike with the Deepwater Horizon, BP keeps its Limey name off the Big Pipe.

Its just funny, has she not looked at the window at “russia” lately  to see a spill from BP in her OWN backyard? I know the Alaskan spill is much smaller, but how is it “Safer”?

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Gulf of OilCo Spill

If you haven’t  or have seen the news there’s currently a huge ass oil spill in the gulf of Mexico currently. The Deepwater  horizon exploded on April 22nd

Deepwater Horizon was an ultra-deepwater, dynamically positioned, semi-submersible offshore drilling rig which sank on April 22, 2010, causing the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The spill was the result of an explosion two days earlier where eleven crewmen died. Deepwater Horizon was built in 2001 in South Korea, is owned by Transocean and was leased to BP plc until September 2013

Of this spill I’ve noticed that the news is trying to keep the down low on this. Wither Its by BP’s request or the news just doesn’t want to cover it, Its Horrifying.  Looking at CNN.com the Oil spill is mentioned but not even in the main topic area.  In the topics that are meant to catch your attention  “Miss USA brushes aside controversy”. Who the fuck cares if she danced on a pole. if you google it you can find home poledancing kits. also the who muslim bit, who cares. Call me when the pope wins the Miss USA.

But to Actually find information on the oil spill its not on the landing page for CNN, If you goto CNn.com you get the US edition if your in the US than you have to click US edition AGAIN to get anything on the oil spill.
BP should be sued into nonexistence until they clean up this spill, Just to give you an idea of size of this spill, the state of Rhode Island is 1,545sq miles. the spill for the gulf right now is at 2,500 to 9,100 sq mi, yes You can fit the entire state of Rhode Island into this spill. Whats pissing me off is the whole lack of information and BP publicly blocking people from seeing the damage that’s occurring

Watch CBS News Videos Online

BP has resisted entreaties from scientists that they be allowed to use sophisticated instruments at the ocean floor that would give a far more accurate picture of how much oil is really gushing from the well.

This is disgusting. Reading further

“We’re not going to take any extra efforts now to calculate flow there at this point. It’s not relevant to the response effort, and it might even detract from the response effort.”

thats just fucking beyond dumb.  OK, we have no clue how much oil is being spilled, so heres some paper towels and good luck.  How can the flow rate not be important.  knowing the flow rate would tell you if your efforts are even working rather than taking a random shot at it.

There’s just so many different aspects of this spill that are lining this up to be the worst disaster with oil in the US.  One of the immediate thoughts i had when this occured is what would happen if  this spill catches up in the thermohaline circulation. It  is sometimes called the ocean conveyor belt, the great ocean conveyor, or the global conveyor belt.

Oil From Deepwater Horizon Spill Enters Loop Current -NOAA

I’m curious to the legacy the BP is going to leave behind, One of fabrication and  destruction , or are they going to actually try to clean this up.

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Media.. A bit late for halloween and early on april fools about the economy.

<!– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } A:link { so-language: zxx } –>I’ve been following the economy for awhile. Yes, we are in a bad downturn but, what gets me is the media.. Rather than being somewhat neutral to the issue they are betting on the apocalypse. There aim has me confused. rather than trying to see both sides of an issue they are aiming for getting average Joe into a clustfuck frenzy. Take Time Magazine for an example.

The 171 banks on the FDIC’s “problem list” encompass only about 2 percent of the nearly 8,500 FDIC-insured institutions. Still, the increase from 117 in the second quarter is sharp, and the current tally is the highest since late 1995. (See pictures of the stock market crash of 1929.)

OK.. first off 171 banks out of 8500 A whole 2% (2.011%).. WOW… but look at the eye-catcher here. “See Pictures of the Stock market Crash of 1928” what the fuck? stock market.. ? yet the article is speaking about FDIC insured banks?  Why not just throw in some pictures of nukes while we are at it .

Reading further into the article you will also see.

The FDIC said total assets held by troubled institutions climbed from $78.3 billion to $115.6 billion — a figure that suggests that the nation’s top 20 banks aren’t on the list, even though they are getting slammed, too, by the growing credit crisis. The FDIC does not reveal the names of the institutions it deems troubled. (See pictures of the recession of 1958.)

Nice even though the top 20 banks are not on the list we would like to remind you something that happened 50 years ago k thx. Sure the economy is in a downturn but due to deregulation and other things the market to my belief is overinflated the fuck outta. Big businesses have been having a field day trying to break down things and increasing the cost of everything , Im surprised they have not added a device to count your farts for some sort of health diet.  The way the banks have gone I saw it coming but I was never sure when this was going to hit , Back about 2 years ago i was getting credit card applications on a daily basis and when i saw this I only thought to myself “this is going to end well”. The banks got themselves into this situation and now they are screaming for help when what they did came back to bite them in the ass like a bear chasing a man coated in beef and Honey.

What is Ironic to me is rather than help the people who are directly affected by this the banks got bailed out and the people who have lost there houses have not, So what the hell. I mean thats like helping out a drunk driver rather than the person he hit. Honestly this 700billion dollar bailout stinks like hell and more and more companies and businesses are jumping on the ME TOO bandwagon even though they have caused these issues on there own,  Car makers… Rather than make fuel efficient cars they kept coming out with beastly huge ass cars that got 0.1 mile to the gallon, when oil peaked this year they did not adjust there strategy to cope with the situation.

If you follow crude oil prices they had at least 5 years of forewarning. Other car makers adjusted around the time oil started spiking, and they are not nearly as bad off as US car makers. Oil companies keep posting these all time record profits and yet every time they say it has nothing to do with them ripping off people by gouging them which makes no sense.

My opinion here.. Sure it sounds bad but, Let these companies fail. its a hard lesson but rather than propping them up Every time they decide to have drunken bender of loaning out billions to people who honestly could not afford it, i think the banks should have some responsibility here. Same with the Car companies. Every time i hear bailout these days I cringe because, these bailouts are not working as intended. Bail out the average Joe rather than these companies. Don’t even put the money in there hands just say hey your mortgage is payed for x months, and give them a contract that says they have to either straighten up finances or get out of dodge.

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Election 2008…….. Its almost over. Thankfully

After 10 months straight of listening to the drum beat of each person trying to get elected for president and the news and every other form of communication going

Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Palin, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Palin Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Palin Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain………………….

I’m sick of it, neither side has anything really to offer, One is a windbag of empty promises, other is a windback of empty changes. Honestly i dont care anymore , both sides are corrupt, no matter whos voted its still going to be the same old shit. I am just going to vote in local elections not for president and if i do I am going to vote Bugs Bunny

Maybe in 4 years it will be more than a popularity contest. All in all I’m sick of the Obamatrons and the McCainobots..

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GTA Moronity part II

Went out to pick up a shelf today with bluesteel, We decided to stop at gamestop. so we poked around the Gamecube games and picked up a few. but in the time we saw at least 4 parents picking up GTA 4 for there kids. With the news going crazier than britney spears on a normal day about GTA it seems like parents dont give a shit about GTA/NEWs reports. so basically its a few crazy fucks going off on fictional material in the game that doesn’t exist. but Over all it was pretty entertaining to see that.

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GTA Moronity.

Sheesh Im sick of the news lately about video games.. there newest plug is going after Grand theft auto 4, No i haven’t played this one yet. but what the hell, you have all these idiots on TV saying that GTA is going to make you… Kill people , beat up prostitutes, Drive drunk, Eat your parents , microwave your cat than serve it for lunch, brew Decaf at your office and watch everyone suffer.

The News has coined the term that GTA is a “cop killing simulator” That kids are playing the game to train to kill people.. bullshit. Last time i looked at a gun it did not have an Xbox/PS3/Wii Attachment to the barrel of the gun. Nor does the game FORCE you to kill people.

The news has been using the tag line of “GTA Morality” all week, the thing is its more like Moronity, 9 times out of 10 these news casters have not played these games. But saying a game is making kids go bezerk and killing a bunch of people is the furthest from the truth .. if you have watched most incidents that have *happened* surrounding some sort of video game, 9999 times out of 10000 the person who Killed people or has done something extremely stupid has some serious preexisting problems. Not only that the responsibility of the gamer and gamers parents should be called into question. Letting your kid play GTA 16 hours a day … THATS NOT NORMAL. basically thats waking up Playing GTA till you goto bed.. yeah something is fucked up right there.

Parents should often evaluate the title before handing it off to kids. Rather than letting your little snowflake buy what ever game s/he pleases, Start in one place.. Look at the bottem right or left corner of the box… right there is a small little sign of what the game contains.

That right there kids is in indication of what exactly your walking into. Its No harder than movie ratings and is actually simpler than TV ratings.

Heres a look at the TV ratings and why there nothing but a clusterfuck

Sure there are 7 ratings but it actually gets a fair bit more complicated. After those ratings you normally see something like “TV-14 AVS” because with the TV ratings it goes way beyond the 7 initial ratings. there are also 12 more subratings.

  • V for moderate violence
  • S for mild sexual situations
  • L for mild coarse language
  • D for suggestive themes
  • V for intense violence
  • S for moderate sexual situations
  • L for coarse language
  • D for highly suggestive dialogue
  • V for extreme gory violence
  • S for pornography/extreme explicit sexual nature
  • L for strong coarse language
  • D was used for TV-M until it was changed to TV-MA in 1998; although was used on of Tripping the Rift

Video games have become the hot topic of the media for one reason, it gets the pressure off them and they can produce all the crazy shit they want while looking like the innocent ones. they need to hold that bus up, because if anything the media has caused more shit than anything. As much as i would hate bring this up. The VT shootings, That guy was tapped, and I saw this one comming a mile away, the cho or whatever his name sent a video to the Media networks. by playing the video, they validated that idiots point.

Every time someone shoots someone , the media is there to suck it up and make it into news. sensationalize the fuck out of it and inject it into your brain till you vomit the Fox/NBC/ABC logo out. Its highly hypocritical of the media to go after games when they have the exact same shit on tv..

Lets look at tonights listings why dont we….

CSI: Miami – Crazy person kills people and they go looking for him .
Medium – person Kidnaps blah blah..
48 Hours Mystery – Murders and shooting.
DEA – Drugs Murdering and shooting.

geez all that is on and it generally shows how they murdered people who did and what tools and normally if you watch the news long enough, you will find the occasional footnote that some stupid ass tried to use something they learned on CSI etc to do a crime.

Hitting the A,B,X,Y Triangle Square Whatever the button is doesn’t represent the act of what your doing, and if you are taking games seriously as they are being labeled, You should stop being a hypocrite and also take concern of your TV , movies and music.

Seriously these newscasters need to stop just making shit up and actually play the game through before even making one report about this. Rather than jump on the fearmongering bandwagon and make up stuff like people training themselves to drive drunk on GTA quote from gamepolitics.com

Savannah, Georgia TV station WSAV-3 reports that the Traffic Commander of the Savannah-Chatham Police Department is also concerned. Lt. Scott Simpkins told WSAV:

How many people are going to go ‘hey if I can master this, I can go out and instead of having a glass of wine or a beer with dinner, I can have 2 or 3 because I’ve been training how to drive intoxicated’? So these are the things that I have to worry about when stuff like this hits the market.

Whens the last time you drove to the store with an Xbox controller..? I thought so.. that does NOT translate to even making sense here. this comment alone is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. its like saying “HEY LETS GO HAMMER A FEW DOWN AND *TRAIN* TO DRIVE DRUNK!”.

They say that the Ratings are broken for Games.. Try watching some DVD’s .. watch any police academy , Airplane.. Countless other movies that swear up a storm and what rating do they have? PG , yes only PG.

what it basically comes down to.. is if you can not tell reality from game.. you shouldn’t be playing games. end of story .

How many kids ended up injured from watching power rangers because no one ever explained to them about violence and used the TV as a baby sitter? why doesnt the media go after that crap? Likely they have kids and if they take away the power rangers they actually have interact with there little snowflakes.

So before you blame some video game because your kids fed the cat to the angry pigeon that lives on your roof, Evaluate all things they do rather than scapegoat it because random newscaster said so.

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you are a [name brand coffee goes here] democrat… Ok media blow me…

Alright i do not associate my coffee habits with which political party i prefer…. but the boston globe apparently thinks that the average joe is..

the Boston Globe starts off with

WESTWOOD – Yes, Tina Powderly is a Democrat, and yes, on this particular day she did happen to be at a Starbucks, and yes, all right, she does support Barack Obama.

So lets break this down… Random person .. who just happens to be at x , has the election decision of z. than it gets worse… much worse… as like any badly written script here comes the lead in

But no, Powderly does not consider herself a “Starbucks Democrat.” She resists the term, with its suggestion that she has little in common with “Dunkin’ Donuts Democrats,” who are seen as more likely to back Hillary Clinton.

ahh here we go … lets decipher this horror story , apparently your political standards are decided by which coffee shop you prefer your coffee from? what the fuck? seriously? google it and find out… you will laugh like I just did. also this article seems only point at one side of the coin, where the republicans in this? Maybe there decided by which beer you drink? Anyways the writing if this gets even worse after the point .. reading further

Perhaps, but coffee and class have merged into political shorthand as commentators, campaign operatives, and bloggers alike try to make sense of this highly caffeinated campaign season. In several primaries and caucuses, Obama has shown strength among white-collar professionals with a college degree – the so-called “Starbucks Demo crats” – while Clinton has won support from blue-collar workers with a high school degree, dubbed “Dunkin’ Donuts Democrats.”

Coffee has not a damn thing to do with this political article , and making sense of this nonsense is even better. I mean seriously branding a political campaign with this crap. Starbucks bucks is like a overpriced overrated hooker with a fake accent. while dunkin donuts is like a cheap hooker that just barely pleases you that you cant understand.

who ever coined this term should be boiled in coffee.. When i get coffee I’m not thinking of what political affiliation i am with. I am thinking i want coffee simple as that. It’s almost as if there branding you to what type of sheep you are. As for the 2008 political campaign, my opinion will be decided after the circus is over , not the crap on TV right now because its ridiculous. Also what does that make of me if i really care to go that far, Alright ill bite…

Since i like neither StarSucks or dunkin blownuts, It must mean i am an independent thinking person that doesn’t go along with the masses just because something is there… this superficial branding crap has to go.

The whole reasoning of this article is just to stir up nonsense crap. it starts off on a note of coffee = side , than finishes out by saying this whole article is meaningless in the last paragraph.

That night, after Obama won all three contests, Democratic strategist Donna Brazile noted that Obama fared well “with the Dunkin’ Donut Democrats as well as the Starbucks Democrats. That’s important in terms of putting together a winning coalition.”

so basically after reading the entire thing it brings you back to square one, Meaningless, and as far as politics go my votes decided, see below

The article as its written is just horrible… I hope november comes fast because any more of this political bantering over pot vs kettle and i am going to go nuts.

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