I keep saying I need to post more…..

Its been months since I’ve actually posted consistently.

I have my reasons as my life has been one thing after another… but, I am going to try to get back to this at a regular basis.  For one.. I’d rather post here. While facebook is an option its kind of like being in a dog park… Everyone is sniffing your ass wondering what you are doing and whether they agree with you or disagree they blow smoke up your ass if they think your position on things is not in line with theirs.  I don’t need that, I really don’t give a fuck if you find my posts on coffee or other stuff offensive.  I’m me I’ll post what I want how I want and that is all there is too it.


I’ve always disliked facebook because if someone finds your post offensive to them they can cause trouble…. Mainly you have no creative control over your posts, No style , No way to keep your posts to your target. Sure the website is come one come call , but if you don’t like it … At least on this end of things unlike facebook it does not keep post vomit in your face.  Nor do I have to constantly fool with settings inside facebook. I am not going to make it where there is “friend system”. Facebook in it self is a disaster of code. I do not give ten fucks if you need 1023823 friends to get a chicken on your farm to fuck a leopard to get a land expansion.  I like simplicity .

As it stands with facebook it is likely everyone of the post you make are analyzed and sold off to marketers.  In reality facebook is more like test to see how you respond to certain stimuli.  If you took Pavlov’s Dogs and applied it to facebook it would unsurprisingly fit will……

In his initial experiments, Pavlov presented a stimulus and then gave the dog food; after a few repetitions, the dogs started to salivate in response to the bell. Pavlov called the stimulus the conditioned (or conditional) stimulus (CS) because its effects depend on its association with food.

Now lets see how facebook works on the same logic.


In  initial experiments, Facebook presented a stimulus and then gave the Human a like; after a few repetitions, the Humans started to Post in response to the like. Facebook called the stimulus the conditioned (or conditional) stimulus (CS) because its effects depend on its association with Liked Post.

Fucking fantastic to know facebook just wants you to be their dog to just get more information out of  you.  Privacy issues aside which are extreme. Facebook sucks, I’ve given up posting there. I will keep my postings here and if you find them and like them that’s fucking great.

Facebook is a step back in the age of the internet, Its going back to the bottleneck days of everyone has a portal and is stuck in there own prisons  like AOL / Compuserve… Mostly to keep you in there own small toxic universes until they melt down and the users get fucked with a roadcone sideways.


All I have too say is…


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Sweden is here!(forgot to post this from draft)

Peter , anna and peters brother finally arrived. Ill be staying in boston showing them around.

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Next, off to Denmark and Germany , so no post for a bit .

Tomorrow i’ll will be heading to denmark than germany . everything is very interesting . posted a few pics

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Just relaxing today

not much to post today other than im relaxing.

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New bike/Messing around

Well, after a year and half+ of not having a bike I finally got sick of the lack of Mobility. My old bike was a black mountian bike that i had used for at least 5 to 6 years and just from the amount of travel i put on the thing the bikes bearings were actaully Crushed from so much use. Well due to my condition, I really had put thought into what kind of bike and what I needed from it.

So For one it had to be

  • Light for one (i’ve lost alot of strenght in my arms due to condition)
  • Cheap enough not to break the bank
  • Good construction (dont need it to fall appart while riding)
  • Something to last Awhile

Well After going to a few Stores i finally ended up with this.

Even thought his bike appears to be heavy you would be Surprised when you pick it up . This morning I decided to give this thing a test and run up the bike path near my house – its a nice path Currently this path is cut in half through by construction that is taking forever to complete, I choose the bike path thinking it would be good try out for the bike. theres barely any hills (i did not want the bike to come appart in a hilly area where i’d have to carry up or down hills to come home.

I had Also taken my camera along to see how well i could support the camera bag while riding the bike and along the way I would stop and take pictures of whatever interested me at the time. about 1 mile up the path I found a Rather large Collective Of turtles. it was crazy to see so many in one place.

After the bike path I continued on to some woods near my house since the bike path just has alot of people on and not nessarly the nicest people or people that generally have any inteligence when it comes to a bike path , Useaully bike paths have set travel lanes and really what happens Is you end up have someone not paying attention to you at all as you comming up/down the bike path swing out in front of you or totally ignore you. which is completely fucking annoying . so after i Calmed down a bit – I had my phone and was talking with a good friend over AIM via my phone – I figured i’d play with the depth of field with my camera and enjoy the peace of not having idoits around .

Interestingly enough that message came up When i took the picture and i did not realize that till after the fact

but as far as having a bike again to travel it really makes traveling very enjoyable rather than walking all over the damn place. and having my camera along made it abit more fun just to mess arouund with it and go from places to place taking pictures

The picture above is a farm that is a shot distance from my home but I did found some interesting ways to vary the subjects of my pictures and trying not to kill myself since i have not road a bike in over a year.

there is a small water fall in this farm area when i walked up to it iw as completely oblivous to these frogs and there was more than 3 or 4in the water i did not notice.

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Philly -05

Well since I just got access I’ll have to abuse it a bit.

Here’s the one and only photo I got of my wife and forge on holiday in Philly decemeber -05.

philly -05

Remeber the beer quest bro?

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Hi there…

hrm… mike gave me the authority to write here as i wish, so i guess i shall!

uhm… hi everyone, i am his friend in some kind of a warped internet world, called lineage 2. i do crazy things like eat alliance members, eat friends, and then store their brains into the fridge. i break my boyfriend’s penis on a daily basis, and is very very insane.

on my normal days, i attend a college-cum-uni thing, and work in a restaurant that is both my joy and my source of fatigue. i enjoy taking pictures, playing with paper products, surfing the webs, create unimaginable typos and write crazy stuff anywhere and everywhere.

On the way to the Winery area

i am presently in australia, which is the best place on earth… but that’s coming from someone who has only been to myanmar otherwise. i am originally from singapore. i am only studying here for the time being.

Singapore high Commission

i love to eat…. and i love asian food the most (duh) and steaks…. and mushroom sauce on steaks.

and avocado and bernaise sauces…

Blackened Prime Rib

i love to doodle while i am in class, coz i get terribly bored with things like maths and learning verbs and crap (stuff i have to do, to properly re-enter uni… sigh***)


so that’s all from me for now 😛 cya~

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