whao. i think i need to update a bit more often .

its been quiet and thankfully good , for the most part capital one issue has been solved but still ongoing. in the end my own bank ended up refunding me all the fees , but capital one 4 days later screwed up and refunded me twice more, my main objective is to get that crap payed off and get rid of credit cards… who needs em.. they suck.

Picked up madden 08 for the Wii, although when it comes to games from EA i am extremely wary of EA due to there quality , 9 times out of 10 they have some stupid "Show stopping" bug that either pisses you off to no end or you have to do some thing to get passed that part. the last game i suffered through like that was Command and conquer III, every time you got to the 3rd of 4th level of that game you were greeted with a HARD lock of your PC, i had tried it out on my other PC and same thing happened. Anyways getting to the Madden thing.. about the 3rd game in if you "sim" the games leading up to the game your about to play from the Team scedule it locks the wii in a hard lock which you have to shut it down and restart , If you go from the menu that shows all games every team is playing schedule, it does not lock up. plus if you haven’t saved your screwed. you loose all progress till the last time you saved (did you remember to save)

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Capital One… What was in your wallet….

How to start this… 

Capitol one blows Goats 

Back  on November 5th , I called about inquiring on changing a payment due to capitol one making my payment date change. Since i am on Social Security, I normally pay all my bills at the beginning of the month. due to the Oddness of capitol ones business I’d often pay on the 4th to have the payment applied on the 2nd of the month which made no sense to me what so ever. Anyways, I was given Assurances that the pay date would change and the current payment would apply for the month. After that call feeling everything was taken care of I felt everything was going to be OK.. And how wrong i was.


The next month .. I goto pay my bills and i find my account has a few charges and fees I was not expecting, One fee for being put over the limit than another fee for late payment that I was assured would not happen, So i made my payment again, to which the payment for this month was applied to the last months payment that i supposedly did not make but was assured it was all set. So i call capitol one again (12/5/07) asking what has happened. after talking to the first person i get transfered to another person. speaking to them with the whole situation , fees/requesting payment change day (Again)/ and about current months payment which was much higher than previous months payment.

First i was told they would remove the fees assessed for the second time, than after a bit i was told the fees were declined from being removed. I explained i have been calling since October with these problems and I told the person to note these things in the computer, not sure if they were just passing me off. Capitol one representative than Said they would issue you me a courtesy -50$ off my account for my problems.

(12/21/07) i call back and notice that they have not given my fees back  nor have they applied the current months payment , instead they apply it to November to which i was told, that also fees were also declined from being removed from my account. at this point i am starting to panic . at this point my mother also speaks to the person and she pays my bill . she gives her account info for her savings, and pays 75 dollars on my bill which brings me up to date with current. 


(12/26/07) I go out in the morning to get something using a gift card i received for Christmas, got some lunch, figured I’d go get a coffee but i got a feeling to check my savings account, I was aware of what the balance should of been since i have a piece of paper in my wallet and keep a fairly accurate mental balance in my head but i just wanted to be sure, I goto a local ATM , put in the pin, than proceed to get my account balance to which i lost my mind to, on the paper it said (236.53)- . Me immediately sensing trouble went to the branch and tell the person working that there’s a fairly big problem with my account an that there is money missing, looks it up and says " sir your quite over drawn". I hold my self steady and ask . how in the world could i be over drawn , show the piece of paper and pretty much rattle off the balance that i  knew was correct, thinking i ask  could you print up the last transactions from the account.

 Looking at the paper i immediately spot the problem

### Phone authorization/Capitol One 75.00 12/24/07

I point that out , explain that i never had authorized this and asked if there could be anything done about the fees that were building on the point of capitol ones fault, since they never were given permission to take from the account.

He has me fill out an affidavit to which say i never authorized this , and that it will be investigated , if Proven the fees will be reversed along with the 75 dollars they removed from my account. I head home thinking what to do.


I get home immediatly call Capitol One and ask what the hell they did to my account and they never had authorization to remove funds from my banking account, and the funds that should of been withdrawn was from my mothers account. I get immediatly transfered up the line. I repeat the whole sitaution asking why funds that were taken from my account were , the fact they never had authorization and also that i had my bank investigating this as well. I get put on hold while he "checks out what has happened" about 5 minutes later he comes back from the hold and his demenor has changed , almost every sentence starts with "sorry" or "we are sorry" . I tell him that due to the situation my savings account is completely trashed *at the time of the call -331.80*. My mother also is on the line asking what has happened and the fact im on socail security and more than half my income for the next month is already gone due to there fuckup. at this point he says sorry again and tells me to have  my bank send a copy of the funds taken from my account + fees taken because of this .


I have a real feeling they fucked up here but the matter is do i trust them to right a wrong when they have not come through 2 other times in a row?

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