You kin do it! donuts *barf*

Dunkin Donuts is at it again with  a new advertising campaign but,  I can’t help but laugh every time I’ve seen the commercials. “You kin do it!” But, Seeing the words makes me think of another thing besides brand recognition.

Dunkin Donuts has appearently spent $100million on this new campaign which i find funny. The Waterboy movie on the otherhand spent $23 million making the movie and by any figure the 18 seconds of time Rob Shneider spent saying that line in the movie cost $76662.  Dunkin spent $100,000,000 on this so far in three 30 second TV spots.  So really it would be just cheaper to hire Rob Shneider for 90 Seconds at $383,310 vs $100 million. And people wonder why businesses are crying for a bailout?


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Happy thanksgiving

well today is thanksgiving and Peter, Anna and Andreas have travelled back to Sweden on Monday, the Morning after they left i woke up sort of confused as to what to do rather than having something to do. The time they have spent here i had alot of fun, From our trip to New York , Boston than Lincoln. Also I cant forget Donny

One of the weirder things i did while on this trip was pay attention to what coffee was around, generally in boston it was carpet bombed with dunkin donuts and Starbucks. but there was a silver lining to the coffee side of things if you are in boston. Honey Dew Donuts DOES EXIST there, on the morning we went to salem, at the South station i spotted Honey dew donuts and thought i died. After 2 days of dunkin donuts seeing a honey dew was like finding a diamond.  Dunkin donuts has Literally clusterfucked boston with shops.

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Sweden is here!(forgot to post this from draft)

Peter , anna and peters brother finally arrived. Ill be staying in boston showing them around.

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“Dunkin’ Donuts lookin’ out for java lovers” Are they trying to find some ….

Or are they kidnapping them and forcing them to forms of torture that they wouldn’t even do in Guantanamo bay? Dunkin Donuts has been known for serving coffee that taste like burnt ass or as bluesteel would say my old cesspool.  Apparently they have a special going on which i find kind of funny since this article states that dunkin donuts is looking out for the java loving joe

From the article,

When times are tough and money’s tight – don’t despair, Dunkin’ Donuts has your back.

For a moment i thought to myself Interesting but, I read further..

Today the coffee giant ushers in an era of cheap lattes to get you through the afternoon energy slump. Starting this afternoon, DD will offer 99-cent small lattes between the hours of 2 p.m. – 5 p.m., available in caramel, mocha or pumpkin. It’s apparently available for a “limited time only.

Look closely at that… somethings wrong… Oh yeah No normal person can get a coffee in those hours unless they work 2nd or 3rd shift,  I can see that fly at an office “hey boss I’m going to get myself a cheap coffee at dunkin, ok?” as the boss glares at you and says sit down asshat and drink the office coffee. Although I think the final comment was the kicker..

And check this out to read about other ways New Yorkers are cutting costs as the economy crumbles

Just what we need, people tweaked out on coffee as the stock market goes in the toilet or is that goes to the toilet after having cheap dunkin donuts latte?  My thought on this is Ditch the dunkin and either make your own coffee or find a local mom and pop coffee shop, often times there cheaper and will apprecaite your money alot more than dunkin donuts or starbucks would.

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A year with with my Wii………..and let the puns begin!

This month is comming up on me having the Wii console for 1 year.. How has the Wii stood up as time has progressed? After owning the wii this long, there have been a few thoughts  i’ve had as far as how the system has matured, Honestly the system is still good but still needs to grow up a bit.

I Do Still pay with the wii, but Not nearly as often as I used to due to the fact of a lack of games with depth to them,  Some games do come out with depth but, the issue is quantity. The fact that developers have shunned the Wii kind of makes for an interesting senario. Sure its taken the market by storm but, im seeing where the Wii’s weakness is, theres just not the title market out there.  Forevery good game for the system theres a SHITLOAD of vomitware for the system and it shows, Goto gamestop and look on there used shelves and you will see TONS of craptastic games.

As far as price has gone, The wii is not the lowest man on the ladder due to the x-box 360’s agressive pricecuts but in the long run the Wii is cheaper due to the online component being cheaper (Free). The Wii’s online component severely is lacking still due to lack of interaction in games, If you play Mario Kart Wii , Theres just no feeling to it due to the lack of interaction between players. Sure you can see the asshat that just knocked you off the track as you swear your brains out at the screen but, does the person on the other side of the connection know your mad …. NO. They did add keyboard support awhile back but, its so unused the most it maybe used for is to put in a creditcard number for more Wii Points, Nintendo could highly benifit from at least adding chatroom or some other way to talk to players while using the system.

The system has been pretty faithful to me with one exception of having the send in the wii to Nintendo for service. But The repairs were extremely quick and had the system back within the span of one week.

While the Wii’s gaming library has some good games that come out every few months, I’ve never really been stuck in a situation of a choice to make over one game to another. Nintendo’s first party titles are pretty much unmatched in terms of gaming on the system theres a few noted exceptions such as Raving Rabbids, No More Heroes, Final Fantasy Fables, and Starwars the force unleashed but, The lack of quality 3rd party titles I think is my biggest mark against the system.

Given that fall us upon us maybe we will see the Wii mature a bit or maybe we will see the Wii not Mature. I said wii huh-huh-huh…

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Back from California

Back from California, the wedding was a blast, it was a crazy week overall. I’ve seen more of californias roads than Ill see in my next lifetime but all in all it was fun. the first day was just getting settled and just seeing around. we ate at a burger place that was interesting, basically you get a list and pick out what you want on the burger , well me not sure about anything I followed the lead of keith and ordered the 2/3 pound burger not knowing what to expect. Little did i relize it was his first time ordering from there as well so we both got surprized by this monsterous burger.  Its a good thing 1 pound burger was not ordered.


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In California

made it to california with no problems, the flights were relitively uneventful other than a bit of turbulance.

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Off to California !

Well as of today I am off to california, I do not know what to expect but it should be fun . Ill update this as the days i am there . Since i’ce been up all night i ended up getting one of those coffees that could Jumpstart a nuclear reactor. Ill sleep on the plane =p . Anyways i could use a break from the 10+ inches of rain we have had in the last 2 weeks here.

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MovieStop makes things right.

After what had gone on with movie stop in this post, I Sent out an email about what went down that day.


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Next, off to Denmark and Germany , so no post for a bit .

Tomorrow i’ll will be heading to denmark than germany . everything is very interesting . posted a few pics

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