You Just ever have one of those days where you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus.

It’s aggravating, The condition I have you can go along and be fine than the pain sets in .. and its complete bullshit, Push yourself more and it goes to holy fucking balls pain.  The Bad thing about some conditions  is the feeling of alone… I get it .

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Phone Fun part 3.141592653589793238462643383, So long and thanks for all the fish.

Well its been fun sprint.  We’ve had a fun ride and through troubled times and the fun times you’ve been with me but , There is a time where is it possible that Sprint and I, have grown so old and so inflexible that we have outlived our usefulness? As I have moved on and my life has gotten a bit more complete that the room for sprint has taken the squeeze of outliving its usefulness.  Mind you sprint at the time of having more bells and whistles than you can count is an excellent thing.  But when my bills were going north of 150$ I was starting to choke.   Sprint at times could be a love hate relationship..

I have gone to the nexus 6p from the nexus 6 … while the nexus 6p is a bit smaller it retains the size of an aircraft carrier and is easier for me to use , I have realized that i am getting worse in the way of doing thing and that a bigger phone is needed for me to retain coordination.  The sound on the 6p from the speaker is astounding.

As I’ve had this phone only a week I am going to have to revisit this in a month.


thanks all for now .

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(insert text here)



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Phone fun Reloaded (I know kung-fu) edition

Well, That wasn’t long for another phone fun.

As you last saw I had my hands on LG’s google Nexus 5 , By my standard of phones and all of the dealings i’ve had with phones over the years. Hands down the Nexus 5 was the least problematic of all my phones aside from one minor issue that was solved..

My only complaints about the nexus 5 are pretty much minor. One handed operation was extremely touchy and I am not exactly sure why it was. In form and function the phone worked will a well oiled machine, it did everything I wanted and then some.

But.. for now I am switching phones to a larger phone. The Galaxy note 3. This phone is big, really fuckning big . to the point where the phone may have its own gravitational pull and may affect the world around it. As far as size it goes up with the sizing of a large aircraft carrier.  The specifications on the phone are on  par with the nexus 5 Hardware wise the phones are near the same , the major difference is screen size. Both phones have nearly the same hardware under the hood with exception to screen size and cameras, other than that the biggest difference is the UI , The nexus has the standard google experience while the Note has a very annoying touchwiz interface which I’m sure is fine for entry users. Touchwiz needlessly complicates menus while trying to simplify them which does not work.


Since this phone is only a few days old I am going to see how the rest of this month goes as far as this phone is concerned.

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SD Wifi to Compact flash fun. Compact flash Adapter fix.

I bought a Wifi SD card for my Digital Camera.

I jumped at getting a slightly newer camera, while it takes compact flash I thought about finding something like an EYE-FI card or Flashair. small problem, you’d think something like that would be a higher market value to someone with an SLR camera. But, after looking around I found all the cards with WiFi are only SD.    with with the amount of tablets and phones I have. I figured why spend a ton of money on a huge Compact flash card.  So after a bit of looking around I purchased a toshiba flashair card. the next step was to purchase an adapter from SD to compact flash .  the WIFI SD/SDHC/SDXC To Compact Flash CF Type II Memory Card Adapter I bought was a generic card but, while I was not sure going into this because there was very many mixed reviews on using an adapter with a compact flash.

While the card with the Wifi SD card worked ok the range was severely limited, it was limited to about 3 feet at best. After looking at the card for a bit I noticed that there is a big metal face to the CF adapter.  I did a little surgery to the card itself.


As you can see the two cards side by side.. Taking the CF adapter apart was actually very easy, using a razor I dug a bit under the metal face and popped it up a bit, After that It was very easy to remove the metal faceplate.


As you can see the metal piece is pretty much decoration and has no structural value .  when I place the SD card back in a lot more of the card was exposed.  the final look of the card was a bit more open.


With the removal with the face place my range on the FlashAir card did not only double it went up by a factor of ten. I could keep connected to the card from across the house with a max range of 40feet or so.

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yes I’m still alive.

This site is not dead. I’ve just had a lot of stuff going on in my life that its been hard to update here.

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Holy hell i need to update this

its been too long.



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I think the name HAMP should be HAMPER

the making homes affordable thing just seems like a big scam to just make the suits look like there doing something


translation – we are stamping rejected on most applications of Americans that are struggling to hold a home.


as i said.. Hamper

Definition of HAMPER

transitive verb

a : to restrict the movement of by bonds or obstacles :

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Happy 4th of july

Happy 4th of July to all!

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Review: Test Drive Unlimited 2

I Generally like racing games , Kart games, Racing game, Sandbox games. A few years back I bought Test Drive unlimited. TDU is an open game pretty much leaving you open to do what you please in the game with a MMO’ish setup and a social side. When I heard TDU2 was going to come out I was going I WANT THE GAME NOW!

Many months later the game releases, and I loaded the game and the first 5 minutes seemed ok . Than as i got into the game  I realized the introduction was an omen of sorts. The scene where your lead out to the garage and drive a car around for 5minutes and you *wake up* only to realize that you were only dreaming.

TDU2 Is nothing like its first game,While it has familiarity with the first the game is completely different in all the wrong ways. Some of the new things are welcome. Such as random locations for the random missions as helping people out. finding the random wrecks was also a nice addition. Than things take a toll for the worse.

Licensing- In the first game they were given through progression, the more races you won and other stuff you did the licenses were given to you, In this game you have to earn them through painful tasks reminding me of gran turismo that have extremely stringent rules. When you fail a task for the whole fact that someone rear ended you that’s a little asinine. That said the game wants you to be one of the borg, Driving to your standard is  futile, You will be assimilated to driving like we say.  Those test alone are worth one thrown controller for things beyond your control. Not to mention they threw in tantulus jr in as one of the driving tests.

After you deal with the driving test you have the hope of driving to a race and being off on your own, Instead your welcomed to the solar crown or Clown which fits better. this is begining of the point where you realize TDU 2 Is taking a turn and plowing into a wall at 150MPH. You are introduced to the “drama” of the game of putting faces on the brainless AI. Each cup has a set number of races and very poor rewards. At $2000 a race and being Non-repeatable at that point makes your options very slim. Whereas TDU if you failed a race you could always go back to a race you had better luck with you could race that race till you could afford a car that would better handle, Instead you can drive around to random events that include driving a man to work that sounds like sol Rosenberg from the jerky boys, Mr i want to go fast guy, and the vomit queen. The Cup races are painfully convoluted when you can rerace them, by the tenth time you hear the voice you just turn off the volume.

The biggest problem is they separated the open game from the racing part, since you do not have to drive to the locations the whole point of getting to the race is lost. The Driving Schools are harder than the game itself, and integrating the sims is worse. Sure you can have your own personalized Avatar but it takes away from the game. Sure its nice to “walk around” but on a severely limited scale.

All the problems of the launch day and the game itself it draws down to one thing.  With the Casino add-on the only winning move for the game is not to play. Since money is so poorly dispersed its actually easier to get money at the casino by jamming a key down or using a turbo controller. TDU2 Comes down to being simcity 2000 at that point, You build up a bit by racing to the next point, than zombieing out in the casino for hours on end. The First night of playing TDU with my friend we actually went into the casino , sat down at the machines than hit the buttons hours on end while smoking cigarettes outside and BS’ing.

Atari Really needs to do something here – Even at the shortest somehow implement the original TDU 1 races… because, As i said the easiest way to play TDU is not play at all, since thats what I’ve seen about everyone i know to play the game. build up a bit- get to the casino, Than turn on a turbo controller or mash a nickel into the keyboard and goto sleep.

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